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Heller slams Sandoval (sort of)

Nevada U.S. Sen. Dean Heller released a statement on Monday…

“A budget that continues to spend wildly out of control and fails to address Washington’s long-term spending problem is not a credible proposal. This Administration has failed to recognize that America’s debt crisis is due to the government spending too much. The President’s plan taxes more instead of spending less. Far too many Nevadans are living paycheck to paycheck, and President Obama’s budget does very little to change that.  Increasing taxes to pay for out-of-control spending is no way to function, and it is unfortunate the Administration has failed to realize this.”

Here’s the thing…

If you replace “President” with “Governor,” “America” with “Nevada” and “Obama” with “Sandoval,” the statement applies almost identically.

Again, if a Democrat had proposed the same $1.3 billion tax hike that Sandoval has proposed, Republicans and business leaders in Nevada would be screaming bloody murder.

But because Sandoval inconveniently has an “R” after his name, almost every Republican has gone mute.


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