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Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…Oh, No

Well, the 2009 Legislature is almost finished, but not before Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert sent out her second (or maybe third) press release of the entire session. Unfortunately, she’d have been better off just leaving well enough alone.

Seriously, there have been a TON of opportunities this session to issue press releases showing how Republicans would govern differently from the ruling Social-Democrats….but Heidi has blown all those opportunities.

And there have been plenty of partisan votes on which Heidi could have issued statements and press releases explaining her caucus’s votes and why the Social-Democrats are so wrong….but she punted on every opportunity.

And there were plenty of good conservative bills submitted which never even got a hearing this session, let alone a vote; more opportunities to issue press releases and statements pointing out how partisan the opposition party has been and how afraid they are to have open debate on important issues. But Heidi opted to remain mum.

So what was the momentous, earth-shattering legislative event which finally awakened the comatose communications machinery in the Minority Leader’s office on Wednesday?

“Yesterday, after weeks of diligent bipartisan work, lawmakers agreed upon funding levels for Nevada’s k-12 education system,” the Minority Leader beamed in the opening sentence of her release.

Good grief.

Of course, the “bipartisan” agreement Heidi’s so proud of increases spending by about a billion dollars above the governor’s proposed budget without providing any money to pay for it….setting us all up for a massive tax hike later this week.

Gee, thanks Heidi.


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