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Heck at Odds with Sandoval, Roberson on Biz Taxes

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nevada) issued a statement on Thursday after voting for a bill that he says “would extend a one-year twenty percent tax cut to small businesses,” freeing up money “that can be used to expand their operations, hire new workers, or keep current employees on payroll.”

“The state of Nevada is home to more than 45 thousand small businesses that have shed jobs in recent years and are reluctant to hire because of the tax burden placed on them,” Heck said. “If we are going to grow our economy and get people back to work, we must take steps to lift the tax and regulatory burden on small businesses so that they can reinvest in their companies. Small businesses are the engine of our economy and providing them the resources to hire is critical to accelerating our recovery.”

Amen. If only fellow Republicans Gov. Brian Sandoval and Sen. Michael Roberson felt the same way.

Sandoval and Roberson, as you know, came out last month in support of the re-imposition of some $620 MILLION worth of tax hikes on Nevada’s businesses; money those businesses could and should instead be using to reinvest in their companies, hire more employees and help pull Nevada out of this never-ending Obama-Berkley recession.

And some still don’t understand why so many voters continue to be confused over exactly what, if anything, Republicans stand for?

I say again: If Republicans want to get not only on the same page, but on the right side of the issue, each and every one of them ought to be calling for the complete and total abolition of the anti-employment “modified business”/payroll tax. Hello?


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