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Have No Fear, Bug Man Is Here!

Mortgage meltdown. Foreclosed homes. Rising unemployment. A $2 billion budget hole. Choked highways. Failing schools. And yet…

Assemblyman Lynn Stewart (R-Las Vegas) and Sen. Joyce Woodhouse (D-Las Vegas) are drawing up a bill to designate a state insect because, hey, they have their legislative priorities straight, bub, and a state isn’t a state without an official state bug!

Those of you reading this on your Blackberry while standing in the unemployment line will be thrilled to learn – in fact, this might even send a tingle up your leg! – that the fourth-graders at Beatty Elementary School (which, ironically, is not in Beatty, but Las Vegas) have selected the “vivid dancer damselfly” as Nevada’s official state insect.

And some legislators still have the nerve to say, with a straight face, that 120 days isn’t enough time to do all the “important” work of the Legislature?


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