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Harry Reid’s Family Jewels

According to the FEC, Sen. Harry Reid spent over $16,000 of campaign money buying jewelry as “holiday gifts” for unnamed persons.  That, by itself, should raise eyebrows.

Now add in the fact that the jewelry was purchased from his granddaughter’s jewelry business and her name was only partially identified (left off the last name “Reid”) in FEC reports, and you have to figure something smells pretty rotten – and we’re not even in Denmark or the Washington, DC visitor’s center.

And Reid’s peeps know it.  Indeed, by the end of the day his office announced that he was going to repay the money.  But something tells me that won’t make this stench go away.

Oh, and write this date down, because I’m going to go on record, right now, against the popular consensus, and predict that Sen. Reid will NOT run for re-election in 2016.  You heard it here first.

And once he announces he’s not running – hoooo-weeee! – are we ever gonna see a battle royale between Catherine Cortez-Masto and Barbara Buckley for the Democrat nomination to replace him.  Get your popcorn early!


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