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Harry Reid’s Christmas Eve Screw Job

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) – recipient of the now-infamous $300,000 million “Louisiana Purchase” of her vote on ObamaCare – went on Face the Nation on today and said the following about the prospect of a Christmas Eve final vote on the Senate version of the bill:

“There’s only one reason we’re going to be here until Christmas, and that’s Senator Tom Coburn . We don’t have to vote in the middle of the night. But he’s the one making us do it, not Harry Reid , not the Democrats. It is a Republican obstructionist that is making us vote in the middle of the night.”

First, there’s nothing at all wrong with being an obstructionist when there’s something crying out to be obstructed.

Secondly, there is no law or regulation which REQUIRES the health care bill to be voted on before Christmas. That’s an artificial deadline created of, by and for Harry Reid who knows full well the longer this monstrosity drags on, the less and less the American people like it.

Reid wants this thing voted on before Christmas while the masses are distracted with the holidays….plain and simple.

So while Sen. Coburn is, indeed, trying to obstruct this abomination from passing, the ONLY reason senators may be forced to cast a final vote on Christmas Eve is because Harry Reid insists on voting for it before Christmas instead of after the first of the year.

And if Mary Landrieu wishes to engage in name-calling, what is it again you call a woman who sells herself for money?


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