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Happy Anniversary, “Hon”!

Today is December 18. And not only is it my wife’s birthday, but this month marks the 25th anniversary of our first date.

I remember it like is was yesterday. We drove up to Philadelphia from Baltimore. I took her to see a Philadelphia Eagles football game. Why?

Because our stinking “Baltimore” Colts had moved to Indianapolis, that’s why – and back then it was virtually impossible to buy Washington Redskins tickets. So Philly was the closest stadium to catch pro pigskins.

I guess I should point out that Gia’s dad, Sisto Averno, played for the Baltimore Colts (with Artie Donovan) in the early 50s, so she grew up with football and – lucky me, actually enjoys the game.

So – being the romantic that I am – I contacted my friend and nationally syndicated talk-show host Roger Hedgecock, who put me in touch with a very nice lady who works for the San Diego Chargers, who sold me five great seats for tonight’s Sunday Night Football game between the Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Hey…it beats the vacuum cleaner I got her last year!

Anyway look for me, Gia and the kids on NBC tonight. I’m sure it won’t be hard to find us among the 70,556 other fans in the stands. Happy anniversary, “hon.” (That’s Baltimorese for “honey.” They say it a lot in Dundalk and Glen Burnie.)


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