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Hambrick Recall Effort Officially Launched

What better day to launch a recall effort against Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick than Friday the 13th!

Although the odds are seriously stacked against this citizen effort – as they were against the Vegas soccer stadium – the campaign will be a living nightmare for the Speaker for the duration of this legislative session.  And he brought it all on himself, as this official “Reason for Recall” petition statement explains…

“When campaigning to represent Assembly District 2, John Hambrick signed, before witnesses, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising the voters of the district that he would “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”  However, upon being elected to a leadership position in the Assembly on December 2, 2014 Mr. Hambrick actively began breaking his promise to the people of District 2.

“In a television interview the day after his leadership election, Mr. Hambrick declared that he would support Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget, “even the taxes, the revenue enhancements, I will support that.”  In a separate radio interview, Mr. Hambrick stated that he only intended to honor his Tax Pledge “by and large.” 

“Mr. Hambrick has also removed members of the Assembly Taxation Committee who were not supporting the governor’s billion dollar tax hike and has personally failed to, as promised, oppose this massive new burden on the taxpayers of District 2.  As Mr. Hambrick has breached the political contract he made with us to get elected we, the people, hereby seek to recall our Assemblyman and replace him with someone who can be trusted to keep their word.”

It’s a simple matter of breach of contract.

Voters and taxpayers need not wait until after Hambrick’s vote on the billion dollar tax hike.  He’s already violated the terms of his contract with his voters that he signed as a candidate.  Refusing to take a position on the governor’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike is not the same as “opposing” it, especially in his new leadership position.

If he wasn’t going to keep his promise, he never should have made the promise.  I just wish more double-talking, fork-tongued politicians were held to account like this.

Of course, it’d be better if they’d just keep their promises.  Then none of this would be necessary.

Anyway, the odds definitely are against those of us who want to hold Mr. Hambrick accountable for the promises he made to his constituents and the citizens of Nevada.  Just because the odds are long, is that any reason not to suit up and play and give it your best?

If so, the Chicago Cubs should have folded up their tent long ago!

But even if the recall itself falls short and Mr. Hambrick survives, the foundation will be laid for a serious primary challenge in 2016.

By the way, AJ Maimbourg, who is heading up the recall effort, ran against Hambrick as the Independent American Party (IAP) candidate last November.  But contrary to blogger Andrew Davey’s musing, she will not be a candidate against Hambrick if a special recall election is called.

There is, however, a conservative Republican candidate/businessman already lined up and waiting in the wings.  Stay tuned…

You can make an online contribution to the Recall Hambrick effort by clicking hereIf you’re unable to contribute but would like to volunteer to help in the signature-gathering effort, click hereOr you can contact AJ at (702) 366-9297 for additional information.

UPDATE:  Citizen organizers for a possible recall campaign targeting Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards are still mulling the effort and I removed myself from their PAC a week ago.  This is no time for timid souls!

The group that was exploring a recall of Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus have opted not to move forward at this time, preferring to concentrate on the Hambrick effort.  Strategically, with limited resources to combat the Sandoval political machine, it makes sense to fight this battle with a political rifle rather than shotgun.

That said, there’s another problem issue involving Silberkraus that recently came to my attention.  Stand by for that one…


“Raising taxes is a sign of incompetence in a politician. He/she cannot manage. A willingness to raise taxes is telegraphing such failure.” – Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform


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