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Gunning for Lombardo

(Chuck Muth) – I know many of you aren’t gonna want to hear this, but I’m just calling it as I see it in the Nevada governor’s race.  And I’m not the only one seeing it this way.

According to the latest poll, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is going to be the Republican nominee come June 14…or whenever they finally finish counting the ballots.

He’s stretched his lead to 20 points, has vastly outraised the field and has a professional campaign management team that’s playing all the right cards.

In my opinion, only Joey Gilbert has even an outside chance at catching him with just three weeks to go before Election Day.  And Democrats have come to the same conclusion.

They’ve also concluded Lombardo has the best chance of taking out Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak in the general election and they’re in full panic mode.

“Democrats are going to drastic lengths to prevent Lombardo from securing the Republican nomination,” Breitbart News reported this weekend, “hoping to boost weaker candidates they view as easier to defeat in the general election.”

Indeed, recognizing that Sisolak sucks and is likely to take their entire ticket down the tubes in November, the D’s are investing a boatload of money in trying to knock Lombardo out in the primary.

Breitbart went on to report that a new super-PAC linked to the Democrat Governor’s Association “has pledged to spend $2.1 million in Lombardo attack ads ahead of the June primary.”

In addition, I received three anti-Lombardo mailers last week by a fake Republican PAC called the “Patriot Freedom Fund” which, according to Breitbart, “is run by the husband of progressive anti-Second Amendment Nevada Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui.”

The irony is thick.  This anti-gun PAC is slamming Lombardo on the gun issue.  Not because they support his pro-Second Amendment positions, but because they oppose them.  And they’re afraid of what will happen to their gun control crusade if he’s elected.

“These two examples in Nevada,” Breitbart continued, “are just part of a broader nationwide Democrat strategy of meddling in GOP primaries ahead of the November midterm elections, where many pundits expect them to get trounced.”

This is the same strategy used by late Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrats back in 2010 when they successfully meddled in the GOP primary to take out front-runner Sue Lowden in the U.S. Senate race and hand the nomination to Sharron Angle.

And we all know how THAT turned out.

I know some of you consider Lombardo to be Satan-with-a-badge and have convinced yourself he’ll be as bad as Sisolak.  I get it.  But I also don’t see it that way.  Is he as conservative as some of his opponents?  No.  But is he the most conservative candidate who can win in the general?


The Democrats sure think so.

And if they’re this afraid that Lombardo will evict Sisolak from the governor’s mansion, Republicans should sit up and take notice.

Now, I’m not saying anyone should change their vote in the primary.  But what I AM saying is that however this race turns out, our #1 objective MUST be to beat Sisolak in November…whether the GOP nominee is Lombardo, Gilbert or any of the other Republican candidates.

That’s just my opinion.  You’re free to disagree with it.  And I know many of you will.

But if Sisolak doesn’t go, Nevadans are looking at political Armageddon.  If you thought Sisolak was bad throughout the COVID scare, and he was, you ain’t seen nothing yet if he wins re-election and will no longer have to face voters again.

My current gubernatorial odds…

  • Joe Lombardo: 4-5
  • Joey Gilbert: 10-1
  • Guy Nohra: 50-1
  • John Lee: 100-1
  • Dean Heller: 250-1
  • Fred Simon: 500-1

(Disclaimer: Odds are published for entertainment purposes only.  No wagering allowed – except for illegal side bets among friends or political adversaries.)

New Tax Pledge Signers ‘22

  • Christine Decorte: State Assembly

For the complete, running list of taxpayer champions who have pledged to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes,” click here

If you’ve already signed and your name is not on the list, please forward a copy of your Pledge to  If you need a copy of the Pledge to sign, shoot me an email noting what seat you’re running for and I’ll send it to you.

Some Personal Recommendations

Mail-in ballots in some counties have already gone out, and Clark County plans to drop ballots by this Wednesday.  So…game on!

As you know, I tend to be a traditionalist who votes in-person on Election Day and encourage others to do the same.  You just never know what you’re gonna hear and learn in the final days of a campaign.

But for those of you who insist on completing your ballot the first minute you can, here are some of my early recommendations – folks I’d personally vote for if the election were held today. And I’ll keep a running list as I learn more about other candidates in other races.

Note: These are personal recommendations, not necessarily official endorsements, and are always subject to change right up to Election Day.

* Disclaimer: personal clients


“Somehow, in my lifetime, my party, the Democrats have gone from being the party of the factory floor to the party of the faculty lounge.  Last week, I spent a day with the Machinists Union in Chicago. Great guys. Not a one of them came up to me and said ‘Please take my tax dollars to pay off the debt of someone who went to Stanford.'” – Former Clinton adviser Paul Begala trashing Democratic proposals to pay off student loans

“It’s pretty amazing to see that @elonmusk feelings about Democrats mirror my own. He’s African American, so am I. He used to be a Democrat, so did I. He left the party, so did I. He will vote Republican, so will I. Who will be the next to leave the Democrats?” – Ron Milner

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