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Ground Control to Major Schneider

Sen. Mike Schneider (D-Pluto) is pretty much out of his mind.

At a time when economic conditions are requiring substantial cuts in government spending (YEAH!) across the board, Schneider is pushing a bill (SB 2) which would mandate that Nevada fund education “at a level that meets or exceeds the national average.” Of course, the minute Nevada raises its spending, that would increase the national average, thus necessitating another increase setting off a nightmarish never-ending Groundhog Day cycle of spending hikes.

The “draconian” cuts to education being proposed by the governor this year would reduce spending per pupil from $5,098 per year to $4,945 year – a reduction per student of just $153, which is just under 42 cents per day.

On the other hand, Schneider’s proposal would boost the per-pupil spending amount by a staggering $1,932, “meaning legislators would have to find an additional $1.7 billion” in revenue while simultaneously trying to make up for an estimated $2.3 billion budget shortfall.

Why, oh why, is the Legislature wasting even 10 seconds on this asinine bill?


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