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Governors & the Tax Pledge

The following is a list of incumbent governors and gubernatorial candidates around the country who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising voters of their states that they will oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes. Forget “Where’s Waldo?” Let’s play “Where’s Sandoval?”

Gov. Sean Parnell, Alaska
Gov. Charlie Crist, Florida
Gov. Linda Lingle, Hawaii
Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana
Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota
Gov. Haley Barbour, Mississippi
Gov. Jim Gibbons, Nevada
Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina
Gov. Rick Perry, Texas

2010 Challengers
Robert J. Bentley, Alabama
Kay Ivey, Alabama
Tim James, Alabama
C. Taylor, Alabama
Dean Martin, Arizona
Buzz Mills, Arizona
Chelene Nightingale, California
Steve Poizner, California
Meg Whitman, California
Daniel Maes, Colorado
Bill McCollum, Florida
Jeff Chapman, Georgia
Nathan Deal, Georgia
Karen C. Handel, Georgia
Eric Johnson, Georgia
John Oxendine, Georgia
Bill Brady, Illinois
Lex Green, Illinois
Andy McKenna, Illinois
Matt Murphy, Illinois
Dan Proft, Illinois
Bill Schillerstrom, Illinois
Bill Beardsley (Gov)
Matt Jacobson, Maine
Paul R. LePage, Maine
Leslie B. Otten, Maine
Bruce Poliquin, Maine
J. Martin Vachon, Maine
Pete Hoesktra, Michigan
Mike Montandon, Nevada
Rick Lazio, New York
William Ames Curtright, Oregon
John Lim, Oregon
Roger Obrist, Oregon
Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania
Samuel E. Rohrer, Pennsylvania
Gresham Barrett, South Carolina
Andre Bauer, South Carolina
Nikki Haley, South Carolina
Henry McMaster, South Carolina
Mark Neumann, Wisconsin
Scott Walker,Wisconsin

Seriously, why hasn’t Nevada gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval, who has *said* he won’t raise taxes under any circumstances – put his John Hancock where his rhetoric is like all of the above governors and gubernatorial candidates? That sort of thing makes it hard for us to believe him at all, let alone believe again.


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