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Government Mandated Time off for School Plays

Another feel-good/policy-bad bill passed near-unanimously yesterday. AB 243 would force employers to give workers time off to attend their kid’s football game, school play or PTA meeting.

Now, maybe giving workers time off for such purposes is a good idea in order to keep employees happy, but that’s a decision that the EMPLOYER, not the government, should be making. And if an employee doesn’t like the leave policies of his or her employer…well, no one is putting a gun to their head a MAKING them work there. Quit and get another job.

Or better yet, quit and start your own business. THEN see how easy it is to run a workforce which can take off any time it damn well pleases with the power of the government backing them up.

This war on job creators and job providers has to end.

Only three principled Republicans voted against AB 243: Assemblyman Ty Cobb (R-
Reno) joined Assemblymen Gustavson and Goedhart.


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