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Gov. Santa-val’s end-of-year Christmas presents

Some folks have been digging through the end-of-year campaign finance reports and, wow, did freshman Assemblyman Chris Edwards (RINO-Clark) ever get a juicy Christmas present from Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Advertising)!

Just before the holidays Sandoval whipped out the ol’ checkbook and wrote Edwards a fat donation of $5,000 – the single largest post-election donation Edwards received.  Edwards, as best as I can tell from an initial review of the C&E reports, is one of only two legislators to enjoy such generosity from Gov. Santa-val.

I guess it’s safe to assume Mr. Edwards’ vote for Santa-val’s billion dollar tax hike has now been sufficiently bought and paid for.

Speaking of Edwards when this guy isn’t talking out of both sides of his mouth he’s talking out of his arse.  In response to requests from Nevada taxpayers asking him if he supports the governor’s billion dollar tax hike, Edwards is trying to turn the tables on them by demanding that they propose spending cuts instead.

What a dip-squat.  As if it’s the job of his constituents to do the job he was elected to do as a supposedly conservative Republican.

That said, if Edwards or any of the other weasels trying to find a way to justify voting for Sandoval’s billion dollar tax hike really want to find ways to cut/streamline government, all they have to do is look at former Gov. Jim Gibbons’ SAGE Commission report and NPRI’s “Piglet Book.”

Oh, and by the way, guess who the other legislator is who got the other $5,000 Christmas stocking suffer from Santa-val?

Freshman Assemblyman Derek Armstrong (RINO-Clark).

Now why would the governor give this unknown freshman Assemblyman $5,000?

Well, because Armstrong was appointed by Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick (R-Clark) to head up the Assembly Taxation Committee after Hambrick yanked conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Clark) off as chair of that committee, that’s why!

Armstrong, like Edwards, is another bought-and-paid-for vote for Santa-val’s billion dollar tax hike, which will slide through Armstrong’s Tax Committee as smoothly as crap through a goose.

Those two fat $5,000 donations to Edwards and Armstrong create a huge conflict of interest, if only in public perception.  If either of these guys had an ounce of integrity in their political bodies, they’d both return Santa-val’s check.

Don’t hold your breath waiting.


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