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GOP Sen. Brower poised to kill Anti-Rapist Bill

Despite misinformation by some anti-Second Amendment activists, guns aren’t about hunting.

They’re about self-defense.

Unfortunately in Nevada, the right to self-defense has been stripped from some of our most vulnerable citizens by a law making our college and university campuses “gun-free zones” – meaning the bad guys who don’t give a damn about laws have guns, while the law-abiding are disarmed sitting ducks.

Like Amanda Collins.

If you’re not familiar with Amanda’s story, you can hear it in her own words by clicking here.

In short, Amanda was brutally raped in the parking garage at UNR.  Because of Nevada’s insane law banning guns on campuses, she was completely defenseless against her attacker – who a few weeks later raped and murdered another young woman – despite legally possessing a concealed carry permit.

In the last two legislative sessions, bills to allow “campus carry” were killed in the State Assembly by Democrats who refused to even allow the bill to come up for a committee vote, let alone a floor vote.

But this year, Republicans are in the majority in both the State Senate AND the State Assembly.  And this time, the bill flew through the Assembly…passing overwhelmingly last month by a vote of 24-15.

So you’d assume the bill would pass in the Senate and be sent to Gov. Brian Sandoval for his signature, affirming Nevadans’ God-given right to self-defense.

And you’d be wrong.

But before you read the following email message that I just received, you might want to take your blood pressure medicine…

“First, by way of introduction, I am Thom Collins, father of Amanda Collins and this is not Spam.   I am sending you this email because you have in the past indicated support for Campus Carry; this year it is AB148. 

“I have just learned from two sources, including (Sen.) Greg Brower himself, that he does not plan to schedule a hearing on AB148 because he does not think there is enough support in the senate. 

“Therefore I am asking you to contact Your state senator and Greg Brower 775-684-1419,; Michael Roberson 775-684-1481,; Ben Kieckhefer, 775-684-1450 (Assistant majority leader); and  Scott Hammond (co-Majority whip)775-684-1442,

“Let each of them know that you are not happy and that they should support the bill and you expect a hearing and a vote.  Brower is the chair of Senate Judiciary and Roberson is the Senate Majority leader.  These two call the shots. 

“Be forceful, but polite. No need to swear. Remind them that you will remember their vote when you vote.   Please contact anyone you know who supports this bill and ask them to do the same thing.  We really need to rally the troops and let our support be known. Up to now the anti’s have had the stage, now we need to be heard.”

This is beyond outrageous!

It’s bad enough that these so-called “Republicans” in the State Senate are supporting the largest tax hike in Nevada history.  But to kill a Second Amendment self-defense bill without even giving it a hearing, let alone a recorded vote?

Here’s the thing…

If what Sen. Brower is saying is true – that there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to pass the bill – then that means one or more Republicans is anti-Second Amendment because Republicans are in the majority.

Which means by refusing to hold a hearing on the bill or allow a vote on it, Sen. Brower is trying to protect one of more anti-gun Republicans from being exposed as anti-gun Republicans simply because they will have hell to pay in their next election campaign.

The people of Nevada did not elect these Republicans to hide from tough votes.

These people ran for office to make these tough decisions on behalf of the citizens of Nevada.  If they’re more worried about keeping their seats rather than representing the people who elected them, then they shouldn’t even be in office.

Sen. Brower needs to stop covering for his anti-Second Amendment GOP colleagues, hold a hearing on AB148, and then conduct a committee vote on whether or not to send the bill to the floor of the Senate.

Anything less is nothing short of pure political cowardice.


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