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GOP Primary Recommendations: Nevada State Senate

(Chuck Muth) – The stakes are SKY HIGH in Nevada State Senate races this cycle.

The partisan breakdown currently is 13 Democrats and 8 Republicans.  If the GOP loses one net seat they won’t have the votes to block tax hikes or sustain Gov. Lombardo’s vetoes.

So the #1 consideration for Republican voters in the upcoming June 11 primary should be – MUST BE – which GOP candidate has the best chance to win in November.

And with that in mind, here are my early recommendations – always subject to change right up ‘til Election Day…

Senate District 5 (Clark): Sen. Carrie Buck

It’s no secret that the senator and I have had some political differences over recent years, however, the incumbent Republican absolutely, positively has the best shot at holding this crucial seat in November.

Her slick, wet-behind-the-ears primary opponent – a California transplant who uses three different names – should be universally rejected by Republican voters.

Senate District 6 (Clark): Jill Douglass

This one’s a no-brainer – which is also the word you could use to describe her opponent, Joshua Stacy – a worldclass moron.

Stacy hates Israel and loves Hamas. That’s not just political hyperbole.  Just last week he twit-tweeted: “#FreePalestine and death to #AIPAC.”  AIPAC is a bipartisan pro-Israel organization in the U.S.

Jill is a three-decade Nevada resident, small businesswoman, proud Blue Star mother of four, and current president of Battle Born Republican Women. She’s the ONLY candidate with a shot at incumbent Democrat Sen. Nicole Cannibizzaro.

Senate District 11: Lori Rogich

Lori is an exceptional attorney with a history of fighting for Nevada’s schoolchildren, including winning a lawsuit against the Clark County school district.

Her opponent, Brian Paonessa, is a nurse who has no experience, no money, no support, and no business whatsoever being in this race.  He’s raised a grand total of $1,625 compared to Lori’s $159,327.

This seat is the most “flippable” of all the Democrat incumbent Senate seats.  Lori has a real shot at winning it.  Paonessa has zero shot.

Senate District 15 (Washoe): Undecided

This seat is the single most vulnerable for Republicans.  It’s currently represented by Sen. Heidi Gansert, who chose to not run for re-election.  It was also re-districted after the 2020 Census to make it even worse for the GOP.

A hard-core conservative such as Sharron Angle, who’s in the primary, likely has no shot in the general election.  Nor does the other GOP candidate, Mark Neuman, who reportedly raised ZERO dollars through March 31, 2024.

I don’t know the other candidate, Mike Ginsburg, or anything about him.  He’s probably the best choice for a candidate who at least has a remote chance to hold this seat.  But I’m not there yet.

Senate District 18 (Clark): Undecided

There are three candidates in this race for this “open” seat currently held by Republican Sen. Scott Hammond: John Steinbeck, Richard McArthur, and Josh Leavitt.

First, take Leavitt off the list.  Like Mr. Paonessa in SD11, he has no experience, no money, no support, and no business whatsoever being in this race.  That leaves Steinbeck and McArthur.

Steinbeck is the current Clark County Fire Chief and has been endorsed by Gov. Lombardo.  McArthur has spent a decade in the State Assembly and has an absolutely pristine conservative voting record, along with a history of winning races in a swing district.

A reasonable case can be made for either of them.

Senate District 19 (Rural Nevada):  John Ellison

This is another no-brainer.  Ellison spent 12 years serving in the State Assembly and has one of the most conservative voting records you’d want to see.  He’s also been endorsed by Gov. Lombardo.

Bill Hockstedler – a nice enough guy who ill-advisedly ran for U.S. Senate in 2022 – again picked the wrong race at the wrong time this time around.  Ellison is clearly and demonstrably the best candidate in this race.

As for the third candidate, Chelsy Fischer, she may be on the Nye County school board, but she’s also bat-sh*t crazy.  This woman needs a straight-jacket, a padded room, and kept away from sharp objects.

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“13,168 of Google employees donated to Democrats in 2020 vs 368 to the GOP.  4,134 of Apple’s employees donated to Democrats in 2020 vs 276 to the GOP.  3,958 of Meta’s employees donated to Democrats in 2020 vs 464 to the GOP.  Does this sound balanced to you?” – @EndWokeness

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