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GOP Opposes Reasonable Attorney’s Fees?

In an awkwardly-worded press release today, the Republican Assembly Caucus in Carson City explains that current Nevada law allows victims of “construction defect projects to recover reasonable attorney’s fees as part of their claim,” but that a bill (AB 285) sponsored by Assemblyman Ira Hansen (R-Sparks) would change that.

Say what? Could we get a clarification, please?

Here’s the full, unedited, original press release:

Republicans Aim To Put The Construction Industry Back On Track

CARSON CITY- Republican lawmakers are exploring ways to lessen the burdens that are currently crippling the construction industry.

Assemblyman Ira Hansen, R-Sparks, has sponsored legislation A.B. 285, a bill that revises NRS Chapter 40 provisions governing an award of attorney’s fees in causes of action for construction defects.

Current law allows individuals affected by construction defect projects to recover reasonable attorney’s fees as part of their claim. “The law that is in place right now fills the pockets of trial attorneys and bankrupts the construction industry,” said Assemblyman Hansen.

“As the owner of a family plumbing business, I have seen first hand the impact the current law has had on the construction industry in Nevada and on the families that depend on it.”

Hansen’s bill removes provisions that allow attorneys to set their fees and places the decision in the court’s hands. “We can’t allow trial attorneys the liberty of bankrupting the construction industry, because that is exactly what they are doing,” said Hansen.

Republican Leadership in the State Assembly stand with Hansen in supporting changes to Chapter 40.

“As a legislative body, we need to be focusing on solutions that encourage growth in our state,” said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Goicoechea, R-Eureka. “We have to make real changes, the construction industry is hurting. This piece of legislation can help relieve some of that pain.”

Chapter 40 Reform is one of five reforms proposed by the Republican Assembly Caucus for the 76th Legislative Session.


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