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GOP Fight Club!

According to conventional wisdom – proffered by Democrats, the media and Gumby Republicans – the filibusters in recent weeks by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) were “failures.”

Indeed, as David Cantanese of Politico wrote, even some of the senators’ colleagues have used derogatory terms to describe the pair, including “Wacko birds,” “Headline-grabbing showmen” and “Bad for their party.”

But that “concerted uncensored revulsion appears to be disconnected from a restless Republican base.” In fact, as Catanese points out, “conservatives are simply looking for someone – for anyone – to fight. Even if it’s a lost cause. Even if it’s just a fight for the sake of a fight.”

Oh, how true here in Nevada where we’re saddled with a conscientious objector in the governor’s office and two moderate pacifists running the GOP caucuses. No wonder Nevada GOP boss Michael McDonald was re-elected overwhelmingly on Saturday over the endorsed candidate of Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Partners), Senate Minority Leader Moderate Mike Roberson (R-PLAN) and Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey (Reno-RINO).


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