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GOP Civil War Escalates: Trump Takes Aim at Strongest Conservative in Congress

(Chuck Muth) – I’m still getting some emails from hard-core Trump supporters asking why I’m not committed to supporting him in the primary.  And it’s a fair question.

For one, there were policy and management failures that came with policy and management successes during his administration that he refuses to answer for in debates with his opponents.

COVID.  Fauci. The wall and Mexico paying for it. Birthright citizenship. National debt. Lost Senate seats. Didn’t repeal ObamaCare. Etc.

But what bugs me most, I think, is Trump constantly attacking conservatives for no reason other than the fact that they’re supporting a candidate other than himself.  Solid conservatives such as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

If he’s attacking the left, fine.  If he’s attacking the “fake news” media, fine.  If he’s attacking *true* RINOs – such as Mitt Romney – fine.

But he’s regularly attacking bona fide conservative allies as if the GOP should be divided solely on allegiance to Trump, not allegiance to conservative values and principles.

Here’s the most recent example.  Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said yesterday in Iowa…

“I fully endorse Ron DeSantis because it’s time for a new generation of leadership, and he is the candidate who will deliver for Americans.”

No personal attack on Trump.  Just a preference for a different candidate.  But in response, here’s what Trump wrote about Roy today on his Truth Social account…

“Has any smart and energetic Republican in the Great State of Texas decided to run in the Primary against RINO Congressman Chip Roy.  For the right person, he is very beatable. If interested, let me know!!!”

So Trump is out there encouraging and supporting taking out arguably the most conservative member of Congress for no reason other than a lack of fealty to Trump himself?  How does THAT help the conservative movement?

It also doesn’t help that Trump apparently didn’t know that the filing deadline to challenge Roy in Texas expired a week ago. Such a lack of attention to details was a large part of why his post-election challenges in 2020 failed at every level.

They just didn’t do their homework.  Didn’t dot their “i’s.”  Didn’t cross their “t’s.” Shot first and didn’t even bother asking questions later.

Now, for the record, Roy is one of the most conservative members of Congress, as well as a member of the conservative “Freedom Caucus.”

In 2022, Roy was the only Republican who “did not vote for a single measure backed by President Joe Biden.”  He also had a perfect 100% rating from the American Conservative Union.

And he doesn’t just cast conservative votes.  He’s a veritable beast when it comes to publicly advocating for conservative positions, legislation, and principles – especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

He was described by the Dallas Morning News as “a conservative firebrand…[who] has developed a reputation for a damn-the-consequences approach to doing what he thinks is right, even if it means irking his fellow Republicans.”

Roy is, without any doubt, a conservative warrior on the tip of the spear.  A conservative leader, not a follower.  A true fighter.  You don’t have to agree with him all the time to agree he ain’t no “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) like Trump accused him of.

My loyalty is to the conservative movement and the State of Nevada – not any one politician – and especially one intent on hurting conservative elected officials who simply have chosen not to kiss his…er, ring.

Look, I know many of you are hard-core Trump supporters.  I understand it.  I respect it.  But I’m more concerned with the LONG-TERM consequences of Trump declaring war on conservative Republicans.

We get enough of that from the likes of Romney, Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney.

And there’s a real and growing danger that many of those attacked – as well as their conservative supporters – might not vote for Trump in November if he’s the nominee.

Yes, that door swings both ways.  But I don’t see DeSantis out there attacking conservatives the way Trump is.

If, as the Trump camp and his supporters argue, the primary is a done deal; that Trump’s gonna get the nomination; that it’s a slam dunk – then why make enemies out of allies in the process?

If you’ve got it in the bag – as many of you argue – then why burn the village down?  Take the win and unite the tribes. The goal is to oust Biden and the Dems, not procure absolute and total fealty to one man.

Sadly, I fear such entreaties are falling on too many deaf ears.  And the risk of yet another ballot box wipe-out in November is growing by the day.

Could Republicans, for once, blow the opportunity to blow an opportunity?  The future of our republic depends on it.


“As a lifelong independent that voted for Trump 2x, went to multiple rallies, endorsed him in early 2016 and wrote a book in the same year predicting he’d win, it’s hard to write these words: I’m embarrassed for ever supporting him. Now he’s trying to primary rock solid Rs and Patriots like @chiproytx & @RepThomasMassie just because they’ve endorsed RDS. What a petty & vindictive little man Trump has become. Acting more bizarre than ever.  Trump has absolutely gutted the Republican Party. If Trump’s the nominee Dems win the house, senate & presidency.” – Kip Herriage

“Hi, Chuck.  I was registered as ‘Independent’ my whole life. I voted with enthusiasm for Trump in 2020 and also changed my voter registration to Republican. That being said, I don’t see myself voting for Trump or Biden in the upcoming election. I do support DeSantis and think he has a much better chance at winning the general election than Trump. … Also, regarding the NV caucus/primary fiasco, I’ll probably just change my voter registration back to ‘independent’ since the Republican leaders are making it so difficult and confusing.” – J.A.

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