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Not since the bumbling administrations of GOP bosses Chris “Captain Discomfort” and “SpongeBob ChairPants” Ruckman has there been such a jerk of a party leader as the Clark County Republican Party currently suffers under the incapable hands of Chairman “Dave for Himself” McKeon.

Let me get the “I told you so” out of the way first…

I told you so.

This guy, an admitted wife-beater (don’t take my word for it; read his admission in the court documents), is a narcissistic, egomaniacal boob living in the shadow of his congressman father, desperately trying to prove to his old man that he, too, has the right stuff.

Alas, girly man Dave for Himself is all tip and no iceberg.

At last month’s Central Committee meeting, Dave for Himself decided to unilaterally ban Carl Bunce, a member and conservatarian critic of Dave for Himself’s administration, from attending the meeting. He then orchestrated Bunce’s ouster from the organization in contravention of the Committee’s bylaws.

This stupid, petty, schoolyard action has angered both Dave for Himself supporters and Bunce opponents…so I guess in a way you can at least give the dufus credit for uniting the party factions!

Anyway, the number of Dave for Himself’s critics are growing by leaps and bounds. And it has become clear there will be hell to pay for his actions last month at the next meeting of the Committee’s executive board on August 19th.

So what’s Dave for Himself do?

Cancels the meeting!

You read it right. McKeon’s stooge…er, executive director…Eric Roberts sent out an email this week advising that the e-board meeting “has been cancelled until further notice.”

Somebody doesn’t have the stones to face the music.

Hang on, it gets worse…

I’m reliably told that Dave for Himself has now declared that there won’t be a regular meeting of the full Clark County Central Committee as scheduled in September either. Instead Dave for Himself is planning some lame cattle-call/dog-and-pony show where Committee members will conduct no business but instead be forced to listen to candidate speeches all night long!

Oy, vey.

This guy is more paranoid that Captain Queeg and more chicken than Henny Penny…and will soon be inducted onto the GOP’s Wall of Lame.

Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR Republican Party chairman!


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