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Good guys with guns save lives


Details on the school shooting at Arapahoe High School continue to trickle out and it’s not good for the gun control crowd.

First, the kid with the shotgun not only despised Republicans and had bought into all the anti-GOP propaganda put out by the Obama White House and its “amen corner” in the media, but he was a self-described communist.  Those facts are conveniently being downplayed in the media.

Secondly, get this from Christine Rousselle at yesterday…

On December 13, 2013, 18-year-old Arapahoe High School student Karl Pierson entered his school armed with a shotgun, a machete, and molotov cocktails intending on killing his former debate coach and possibly others. After firing three shots down a hallway and injuring one of his classmates, Pierson killed himself in a classroom. Today it was revealed why he did this: a “good guy” with a gun had him cornered.

Fox News reports: “When an armed school resource officer entered the room, Pierson believed he was cornered and turned his gun on himself, Robinson said. The entire attack lasted approximately 80 seconds and was captured by security cameras.”


Wow is right.  A background check didn’t stop this kid.  Laws prohibiting guns on campus didn’t stop this kid.  Reasoning with the kid didn’t stop this kid.  No, what stopped this kid from committing another potential schoolhouse massacre with a gun was a responsible, trained adult on campus with a gun.

Years ago, then-State Sen. Bob Beers proposed allowing school personnel with concealed-carry permits to bring their guns with them on campus.  He was summarily ridiculed and excoriated by the left and many in the media.  Alas, Beers was right then and continues to be right now.

Are there any Republicans running for the state Legislature next year who will run on a platform of allowing school personnel to “pack heat” to protect themselves and our children from bad guys who come on campus with a gun and deadly intentions?

One more “good guys with guns” note…

Have you heard about this new “knockout game”?  Teens – thugs, really – walk up to perfect strangers on the street, including completely defenseless senior citizens, and try to knock them unconscious with a single sucker punch.  There’s been at least one reported death from this “game” back east.

But one dumb-ass 17-year-old punk who attempted to use a taser instead of his fist had the tables turned on him when his intended victim, a man waiting for his six-year-old daughter at a bus stop, was a concealed-carry permit holder who shot the dirtbag twice. 

Said dirtbag is now doing a year in jail for the attack.  The concealed-carry permit holder is alive, unharmed and able to continue raising his daughter. 

Yes, guns can kill people.  But yes, guns can also save innocent lives. 


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