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Gibbons Getting His Groove Back?

After famously breaking his Taxpayer Protection Pledge by including a $292 million room tax hike in his budget last January – and then failing to veto it after it was passed by the Legislature – Gov. Jim Gibbons is showing signs that he’s rediscovered his “inner conservative.”

At a news conference today, the Republican governor reportedly said that higher salary cuts for government workers might be necessary to balance the budget, dismissing proposals being bandied about to raise the sales and/or jobs tax in the middle of this recession.

Only five fiscally-conservative GOP lawmakers had the stones to stand with the governor at the press conference this morning: Assemblymen Ty Cobb, Don Gustavson, John Hambrick, Ed Goedhart and Dick McArthur.

It is NOT true that the others were all on a conference call with Arlen Specter at the time. Not true at all. I think. I’m pretty sure……


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