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Gang that Couldn’t Recall Straight Leaves Goodman Standing Tall

Doug Polk

(Chuck Muth) – When it comes to the embodiment of the phrase “sound and fury signifying nothing,” you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better example than the stillborn effort to recall Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

As you may recall, Mayor Goodman properly called Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s statewide shutdown “total insanity” way back in mid-April.

She argued, accurately, that Nevada should start to do what Sisolak finally started doing two weeks ago: gradually reopening our economy.  In a statement on April 24, the Mayor noted…

“I believe all of America loves Las Vegas and wants very much to see her survive.  It therefore, behooves me to explain to Americans from the other forty-nine states just how perilous and unique our situation is if our hospitality industry doesn’t reopen soon.  The Las Vegas the world knows and loves, simply won’t survive.

“My incontestable and incontrovertible responsibility is to see to it that this happens as soon as is possible while keeping our citizens and visitors as safe as is possible to do.  Therefore, we must examine all the available data from every major city in the world and determine the safest path to reopening.”

Indeed, had we started dipping our toes back in the water two months ago we’d already be well beyond where we find ourselves today.  Sisolak’s indecision and fiddling while our economy burned has succeeded in doing nothing more than make a bad situation worse.

As you’ll also recall, Mayor Goodman went on CNN to discuss her position on the matter and was sandbagged by Anderson “Pretty Boy” Cooper, who proceeded to twist and turn and take the Mayor’s words out of context.

He’s not known as the King of Fake News for nuthin’.

And that interview resulted in left-wing goofballs (hello, Jon Ralston!) and assorted Goodman haters coming out of the woodwork demanding her head on a pike.

One of them, a time-share kingpin named Steve “Clueless” Cloobeck, went on TV and had a red-faced, profanity-filled conniption…

“Once and for all, enough, Mayor! You have nothing to do with the Strip! It’s utter bullshit. Utter bullshit!”

So poetic.

Another, a poker player named Doug Polk, announced – with much social media pomp and circumstance – an effort to recall the Mayor.

The press ate it up. After all, fights make news.

Then the Clueless Boy Wonder threw gas on the fire, announcing he would spend “whatever it takes” to make Mr. Polk’s recall fantasy come true.

“I know what it will cost to be successful, and have the funds set aside.  I’m bringing my A-game to this fight. She’s violated the world-class respect of the state of Nevada, and more importantly, of the city of Las Vegas.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to the fight.

The dufus duo crashed and burned.

Shea Johnson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported this morning…

“The group seeking to recall Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has not collected a single signature at the halfway mark, organizers told the city this week.

“The Committee to Recall Mayor Carolyn Goodman has until Aug. 4 to gather 6,745 valid signatures from registered voters who participated in last year’s municipal primary election. But none had been collected as of June 20, the midway point of the 90-day deadline.”

How embarrassing.

In addition, Johnson reports that the recall committee “had not received nor made any contributions or expenses of more than $100 during the first 45 days of the recall period.”

Which indicates Mr. “A-Game” was all talk and bravado for media attention, but then left the poor, hapless Mr. Polk holding a bag of nothing more than magic beans.

Money talks and Cloobeck walks.  The fool and his money didn’t part.

Carolyn Goodman was right.  Then and now.

She’s still the mayor. And will continue being so.

Polk and Cloobeck huffed and puffed and…blew their own house down.

They rolled the dice and apparently crapped out.

They’re gonna need more than a Sisolak-approved face diaper to wipe that brontosaurus-sized egg off their faces!


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