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Fuzzy Snapshot of NH Prez Primary

A new poll by Strategic National of New Hampshire primary voters on the 2012 GOP presidential race show Gov. Mitt Romney with 33.5%, Gov. Mike Huckabee with 14% and Gov. Sarah Palin with 13%.

Romney was governor or a northeastern state, so his lead isn’t surprising. Still, once the campaign fully engages, expect Mitt to take serious, maybe lethal hits for being the Father of ObamaCare. Unless he completely repudiates his own creation, there’s a rocky road ahead.

And the odds of Huckabee and Palin even making it to the starting gate are pretty long – Huck for pardoning cop killers while he was governor and Palin because she’s making to darned much money now to waste time running for the White House. In other words: the race remains wide open.


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