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Fun & Games in the Public Administrator Race

I originally wasn’t going to write anything about a brewing brouhaha between two Republican candidates running for Public Administration in Clark County, but it’s like driving by a traffic accident – I just can’t help but look.

Steve Sanson got the ball rolling on May 27th by alleging in an email that his opponent, Jack Clark, “was hand-picked by Harry Reid to run for this Office,” adding that “The last thing Clark County needs is another Reid-style politician in charge of an already troubled budget.”

Clark responded in his own email later that day, maintaining that Sanson’s accusation was a lie. He then accused Sanson of hijacking a Republican Party email list and asked people to call on Sanson to “to immediately retract his email and apologize to all Republicans for lying about a fellow Republican.”

Clark went on to write: “I have brought up nothing of Sanson’s past, of which most of you (very quietly) are aware of. This is the act of a desperate candidate, who sounds very much like a D.”

As in Democrat.

Clark then proceeded to bring up Sanson’s past by including a link to a story about Sanson’s arrest on New Year’s Day on a gun possession charge. He also attached a photo of Sanson posing with Sen. Harry Reid, closing with “Who’s the Democrat Steve?”

Only problem is that it turns out the photo Clark attached had been doctored. It was actually a photo with Sanson, Reid AND Sen. John Ensign….with Sen. Ensign’s image cropped out. (Maybe Doug Hampton is working on Mr. Clark’s campaign!)

I’m going to miss this primary season when it’s over Tuesday night.


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