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From the Department of You’ve Gotta Be Freaking Kidding Me

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports this afternoon that in the middle of this Great Recession – with bankruptcies and foreclosures through the roof; with unemployment higher in Nevada than anywhere else in the free world; with an Energizer Bunny state budget deficit that seems to just keep growing and growing and growing; with public schools sucking and health care costs skyrocketing – some of our lame-brained legislators, led by our Nanny-Stater-in-Chief, Sen. Mike Schneider (D-Uranus), “agreed Tuesday to draw up a bill to require auto repair shops, smog stations and oil change businesses to check the air pressure in their customers’ tires.”

That’s right. As Rome burns, the Subcommittee on the Production and Use of Energy is contemplating a stupid bill mandating that Nevada businesses check your stinking tire pressure.

And some people still think we ought to let these idiots meet EVERY YEAR?


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