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From the Department of Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned…

Congressman Horsford wearing the Black Panther costume his mistress bought for him

(Chuck Muth) – As you may recall, it was revealed in the 2020 election cycle that Democrat Rep. Steven “Black Panther” Horsford (CD-4) had been caught cheating on his wife, who remained silent about the embarrassing, long-time affair during the campaign.

Not anymore.

In a Twitter thread posted Sunday morning, Dr. Sonya Douglass, the former Mrs. Horsford, unleashed bloody hell…

“I have remained silent for nearly two years and want it to be clear that I am not enjoying the pain that my children and I continue to suffer since @StevenHorsford told me the day after Mother’s Day about his 10-year affair AFTER already speaking to his staff and attorneys.

“And that he would choose to file for re-election and force us to endure yet another season of living through the sordid details of the #horsfordaffair with #mistressforcongress rather than granting us the time and space to heal as a family.

“This election cycle, I will not be silent. And since @StevenHorsford refused to do it, I am putting all reporters, journalists, bloggers and others who choose to include my name and/or images of me and my children in any future stories about the #horsfordaffair on notice.

“I just want to thank those who have supported me and my children and continue to check on us. I know many are still unsure about what to say or do, but the facts are pretty much out there for all to see. I was just trying to keep my family together.”

“The day after Mother’s Day”!

“AFTER” telling his staff and attorneys first?


What a low-life POS.

I know, I know.  The media will give him a pass because he’s black – and anyone who brings it up will be called a “racist.”

But if you really want to vote for a “Black” candidate without voting for this Horsford guy, you have another option in this race:  Vote Annie Black!

REALITY CHECK: If You Don’t Like Joe Lombardo, Don’t Read This…

The Nevada governor’s race is THE most important race on the ballot this year.  Not the U.S. Senate race.  Not the congressional races.  Not any of the other constitutional officer races.  Not any of the legislative races.


Why?  Because Steve Sisolak, the fumbling, bumbling Democrat bully, is running for re-election and his abuse of “emergency” powers has decimated Nevada.  And if you think he’s bad now, just wait until he no longer has to face voters again!

Worse, the political knuckle-heads running the GOP state Senate and Assembly caucuses have almost no chance to win back control of either house – even if a big “red wave” crests in November – and will be lucky if they both don’t end up in super-minorities.

Only a Republican governor who can veto the worst of the Democrats’ worst bills can save us.

Now, for record and the umpteenth time, I am currently neutral in the Nevada Republican gubernatorial primary among the credible, viable candidates.  My position is: “Anybody But Heller.”

For the Democrat primary, it’s “Anybody But Sisolak” – and I’m happy to see that Tom Collins, former Clark County commissioner and pain-in-Sisolak’s arse, has hopped into the race.  He’s gonna drive Sisolak nuts.

For the general election, it’s also “Anybody But Sisolak.”

That includes Joe Lombardo.

Is he the most conservative candidate in the GOP primary?  No.

Is he as conservative as me?  No.

But is he – as some of you have written – as bad as Sisolak?

Oh, hell no!  Go sell that crazy somewhere else.

Now let’s talk a little about Joey Gilbert

I’ve written often about his supporters – the most energized and active of any campaign in the state.  And there’s a reason for that.

He’s a fighter – and I’m not just talking about being a former professional boxer.  He’s been hammering away at Sisolak for two years now.  He and attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah have sued the snot out of Sisolak over his abuse of “emergency” powers.

But he is NOT the front-runner.  And simply saying so doesn’t make it so.

Nor does winning GOP convention straw polls.  What it DOES show is a level of campaign organization the other candidates can only WISH they had.  But it doesn’t make you the front-runner – and claiming otherwise only undermines your credibility.

What Joey SHOULD be arguing – and a case can certainly be made for this – is that he has the best SHOT at catching Lombardo and focus his time, energy and money on wooing away supporters from the other non-Lombardo candidates.

But then, after consolidating the anti-Lombardo vote, he’s still gonna have to come up with a plausible argument that he, not Lombardo, has the best chance to win in November against Sisolak.

And, no…saying you *think* or *feel* or *believe* Joey can do it ain’t gonna cut it.

As for the other main candidates: Despite his numbers based solely on name ID, Dean Heller’s dead in the water. John Lee is treading water.  And Guy Nohra, a political newcomer, is just getting his toes in the water.  And polls show all three lagging well behind.

On the other hand, the most recent poll on this race shows 27 percent of voters still saying they’re undecided.  And some will think that means there’s a lot of opportunity for all the non-Lombardo candidates to add to their numbers and gain ground.

But that assumes Lombardo isn’t going to get his share of those “undecideds,” as well.

Trust me, he will.

Anyone even remotely familiar with human psychology knows there’s a strong human desire to be associated with winners.  Why do you think Donald Trump – a psychological marketing ninja – kept repeating that we were going to win so much with him as prez that we’d get tired of it?

So many of those undecided voters are gonna break Lombardo’s way as long as he continues to hold such a wide lead in the race.  That’s just the reality.  You don’t have to like the reality.  You can choose to ignore that reality.  But you can’t change that reality.

People wanna be with a winner.

Now, I’m not saying the race is over. What I AM saying is that Lombardo’s challengers, right now, aren’t doing what they need to do to catch him.  And if no one catches fire and emerges as THE alternative, Joe Lombardo’s gonna be the GOP nominee.

And I can certainly live with that.

If you can’t, then don’t throw away your face diaper, because we’re gonna get stuck with four more years of Emperor von Sisolak.


Clark County School Board Trustee Danielle Ford DID file for re-election.  Doesn’t change the fact that Republicans need to unite behind Erica Neely in that race.


“I don’t understand much about politics…” – Liberal blubber-blogger Jon Ralston, 1/2/20

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