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French Say French Food is the Best

According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal story this morning, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s “political operation” paid a pollster to gauge the governor’s post-session popularity. The pollster reportedly came to the conclusion that 53 percent approve of the job the governor is doing and this “suggests the governor hasn’t suffered any damage” from breaking his promise not to raise taxes.

That led political pundit Jon Raslton to tweet this evening: “Is it lost on anybody that despite mewling by right-wing ranters re: @BrianSandoval’s budget deal that his support is 73-10 in GOPland?” He later added: “Those Tarrance Group #s, which also have the gov 2-to-1 favorable among indies, show that the far right has little might here. #soundandfury.”

Yes, as dependable as night and day, my friend Jon never misses an opportunity to try to marginalize those of us who oppose tax hikes and want to dramatically limit government. But I’m sorry, color me a little bit skeptical of polling results from the pollster for the governor’s political operation which show the governor is popular.

That ranted, I’ve mewled from the beginning that the budget deal likely wouldn’t have any long-term adverse effect on the governor’s political fortunes for a host of reasons. HOWEVER, the same can’t be said for some of the GOP legislators, especially in the Assembly, who foolishly and needlessly went along with the governor’s broken promise.

Would the far right go after some incumbent Republicans who voted for the governor’s $600 million tax hike?

Sure would.

Will the results of such efforts be more than just sound and fury?

Maybe yes; maybe no. But it’ll certainly be politically painful for the targets.

Now….where did I put those A-frames?


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