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Free Cesar? Hell, No!

(Chuck Muth) – If you’re never heard of the Mass Liberation Project, you’re in for a rude awakening.

According to their website, “The Mass Liberation Project was launched in 2019 to bolster the growing movement to end mass incarceration and abolish the criminal legal system as we know it.”

In other words…anarchists.  These wingnuts don’t want to just defund the police; they want to eliminate law and order in this country in its entirety.

So how did these goofballs hit my radar screen and why should you care?  Glad you asked.

On July 10, 2020 the Mass Liberation Project posted the following message on Twitter…

“A month ago today the Vegas Freedom Fund posted bail for Cesar. Since then prosecutors have added charges twice to stop his release. Today we demand the Clark county Commissioners intervene on his behalf! #FreeCesar…”

A week later, some goofy #DefundThePolice wacko going by the name of “Alicia Pharrita 4 #BLM” added…

“Cesar is still inside. CCDC denied his house arrest and guards are messing him up, persecuting him for protesting @LVMPD’s racism and over-policing. This is an injustice beyond words and a 1st amendment violation. Please do something @MichaelNaft @tsegerblom @JustinJonesNV”

The three individuals tagged are all members of the Clark County Commission.  I saw the tweet after Commissioner Tick Segerblom, who I follow, responded, “What is the bail now?”  To which Princess Pharrita responded: “Bail has already been paid.”

Well, something just didn’t smell right about this.  So I did a little digging.  And here’s the story the Mass Liberation Project hopes to Hades you don’t hear…

“Cesar” is one Cesar Corrales.  And what a piece of…er, work he is.

Poor Cesar is, indeed, in jail.  And no, he hasn’t been released even though a separate group of left-wing ding-dongs, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), posted his $25,000 bail.  And here’s why…

According to documents filed on behalf of Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson with the District Court on June 15, 2020, poor Cesar participated in the Black Lies Matter protests that hit Las Vegas and the Strip at the end of July.

We know he was there because this genius broadcast his participation on Facebook Live!

According to the DA, poor Cesar is seen throwing rocks and bottles at police officers and is heard in one of his videos saying…

  • “I did, I did throw rocks at them. I did throw bottles of water…”
  • “Yeah, yeah I know, I threw that rock. I threw that rock you guys…”
  • “Shit, I threw some rocks at the SWAT team right now.”
  • “They deserve everything they got coming for them.”

In a separate star-studded/action-packed video selfie, poor Cesar declares…

“They (the police) deserve this shit, they deserve everything they get.”

In sum, the DA wrote, poor Cesar B. DeMille…

“(F)ilmed himself over a period of hours, antagonizing officers and actively engaging in violence towards officers by throwing rocks and bottles, which struck multiple officers.  Two officers suffered substantial bodily harm.”

Poor Cesar was caught, arrested and charged with seven counts of battery and assault, including one for “Throwing a Deadly Missile.”  Additional felony offenses are pending.

But, hey, you know, as Nancy Pelosi put it, “people will do what they do.”

I mean, is assaulting law enforcement officers with deadly weapons really enough to warrant keeping him in jail?  After all, I’m sure this Boy Scout simply got caught up in the heat of the moment and acted out in a way that was totally out of character, right?

Hmm, let’s go to the tape…

  • Poor Cesar “has been arrested in Clark County 18 times and cited 20 times; including, Prohibited Acts Violating Sex Offender charges.”
  • He has a felony conviction from just last year “for punching a tourist and stealing his phone.”
  • At the time of that arrest he also had outstanding warrants for Contempt of Court
  • He previously pled guilty to “Attempt Prohibited Acts by a Sex Offender, “but the case was dismissed for reasons unknown.”
  • He has a felony conviction from 2013 for “Coercion with Physical Force, Sexually Motivated.” He was sentenced to probation even though a doctor deemed him to be “a moderate, bordering on high risk to reoffend sexually.”
  • He was sentenced for the sexual assault charge on November 18, 2013.
  • He violated his probation on December 5, just 17 days later, but was not arrested. He violated probation again on December 11, but again was not arrested.  He violated probation again on January 14, 2014.  He finally had his probation revoked and was sent to prison.  He got out in August 2016.
  • He was a known and admitted active member of the “Southsiders criminal street gang as of 2013.”

A true pillar of the community.  Can’t imagine why they’re not letting him back on the streets.  Fortunately, the DA helpfully provides some answers…

  • He committed his new felonies while previous charges were still pending
  • He has SEVEN prior “failure to appears”
  • He is currently homeless and unemployed
  • He doesn’t have a phone (cell phone was confiscated upon his arrest)
  • He faces “significant prison time and the evidence is overwhelming due to him documenting; thus, the likelihood of conviction is absolute.”
  • He “did not post his own bail.”

That last one is a key issue in the case.

As noted earlier, it wasn’t poor Cesar or poor Cesar’s friends and family who posted his bail.  It was PLAN – an organization that has no relationship to poor Cesar whatsoever.  So, as the DA put it, “he will have no incentive to return to court” if he’s released.

Did I mention that he has SEVEN prior “failure to appears”?

Indeed, if poor Cesar skips bail, PLAN will lose the $25,000 it coughed up trying to get him out.  It’s not his money.  Heck, it’s not even their money.  They’ve raised this money from left-wing donors who have no idea what this guy’s record is (and probably don’t care).

The DA continued…

“His criminal history of arrests and convictions exemplifies his violent and erratic behavior.  His recent felony conviction, stemmed from a 2019 case pled from a Robbery to a Larceny, came on the heels of him being released from prison for the felony conviction of Coercion-Sexually Motivated, which was also pled down from two counts of Sexual Assault.”

An altar boy he’s not.

The DA concluded that poor Cesar “poses a danger to this community and is unlikely to appear for future court appearances.”

Did I mention that he has SEVEN prior “failure to appears”?

Here’s the thing: The conditions to be released on bail aren’t just the bail money.  There are other conditions for release that poor Cesar simply doesn’t meet.  And THAT’S why he’s still behind bars despite PLAN offering him a $25,000 get-out-of-jail-free card.

This guy isn’t being “persecuted” for protesting.  He’s being prosecuted for assault with deadly weapons.  This is no “injustice beyond words.”  And his arrest has nothing to do with his First Amendment rights.

It’s about the fact that he’s a violent career criminal.

The Mass Liberation Project can “demand” that Clark County commissioners “do something” ‘til the cows come home, but this has nothing to do with the Clark County Commission.  This is in the court system.

But if certain commissioners want to go to bat for poor Cesar in this matter, have at it.  I’m guessing the public backlash would be epic…now that you know about it.

Free Cesar?  Not just no.  HELL, NO!


“One of the mysteries of the ages is why the political left has, for centuries, lavished so much attention on the well-being of criminals and paid so little attention to their victims.” – Thomas Sowell

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