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For NV Senate District 9: None of the Above

This is a tough one, as it’s a choice between two Democrats – it’s just that one of them recently changed her registration, but not philosophy, to GOP. The one who is still a registered D is incumbent state Sen. Justin Jones, the darling of the gun control crowd.  Problem is, his RINO opponent, Becky Harris, isn’t much better on the issue.

She’s also lousy on taxes. Harris refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and also refused to answer the RJ’s question as to whether or not the “sunsets” should be extended.

Plus she stinks on education reform, too. In the Voter Guide Harris said she only supports “PUBLIC school choice” (my emphasis), not vouchers so parents can rescue their kids from the entire public school system.

Worse, we’re talking about a candidate with no experience or public record as an elected official, yet has ducked media interviews and refuses to debate her opponent. A vote for Harris is akin to buying a pig in a poke.

Nevertheless, there’s no way I can support her opponent, who is so adamantly anti-Second Amendment.

For those satisfied with choosing the lesser of two evils, go ahead and vote for Harris. I understand.  But if I lived in that district, I’d be voting for None of the Above.  It’s time to stop rewarding the Republican establishment for giving us nominees who don’t embrace core, limited government conservative values.

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