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For Nevada Assembly District 36: Um, Get Back to Me in Two Years

(Chuck Muth) – The incumbent Republican, Assemblyman Greg Hafen, was appointed to the District 36 seat after Assemblyman Dennis Hof passed away before taking office.  It was a political appointment thanks to family connections, nothing more.

After being sworn in, Mr. Hafen aligned himself with the RINO Caucus, especially the worst Republican in the entire Legislature (and that’s saying something!), Assemblyman Glen Leavitt.

He’s also refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, saying in a recent debate – that his opponent, Joe Bradley, refused to participate in despite nagging Hafen for months to square off with him – that we should just take his word for it.

You know, the same thing former District 36 Assemblyman James Oscarson told us – before voting for the largest tax hike in state history.  Sorry, Mr. Hafen, that dog won’t hunt.

Unfortunately, Bradley has serious problems of his own that I experienced first-hand as a former campaign adviser.  While he would likely be a more conservative vote, Bradley has some serious integrity issues.

Yes, he says the right things that conservatives want to hear and comes off as a very nice guy in person.  However, he lacks the political judgment and temperament to be effective, including a seriously unhealthy problem with paranoia.

He’s no Dennis Hof.  He’s no Ed Goedhart.  More like Capt. Queeg (ask your grandpa).

And here’s another concern:

Right now, 30 of the Assembly’s 42 seats are represented by someone from Clark County.  District 36 covers all of Nye County and parts of Clark and Lincoln counties.  Bradley lives in Clark County.

Do the rural voters of Nye and Lincoln counties really want to be represented by a Clark County suburbanite?  Aren’t 30 out of 42 seats enough for Clark?

As a conservative, I can’t recommend Mr. Hafen.  But because of my personal and direct working experience with Bradley, there’s no way I could vote for him.  If I had to vote today, I’d probably leave that race blank on my ballot and look for a better alternative in 2022.

So unless something changes between now and Election Day, I’m sticking with “None of the Above” in Assembly District 36.


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