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For Nevada Assembly District 2: Erik Sexton

Three Republicans are running in the GOP primary for Nevada Assembly District 2 to replace tax-hiking RINO Assemblyman John Hambrick.  All three – Jim Small, Heidi Kasama and Erik Sexton – are Tax Pledge signers.

Conservatives can vote for Small with a clear conscience.  He’d vote the way you want.  However, you first have to win the seat.  And I haven’t seen the kind of campaign Jim would need to beat the Democrat in November.  That’s what worries me.

I met with Kasama a few months ago and liked her.  But now I’m seeing things that worry me.  A lot.

First, she’s Hambrick’s choice. That alone should scare any conservative.

Secondly, she dropped her independent political consultant and has the incompetent Republican Assembly Caucus guys, who answer to the RINOs in the caucus, running her campaign.

Who do you think she’s going to align with in caucus leadership fights?

Thirdly, she’s nailing down support from the Carson City establishment crowd – including the do-nothing Las Vegas Chamber and Nevada Realtors Association, which is investing a huge amount of money bloodying up her opponents in the race with third-party hit pieces.

Conservatives are right to be concerned as to where her allegiance would lie when these special interests come a’callin’.

Sexton would be a solid, independent conservative vote.  He’s “one of us” and won’t go-along-to-get-along with the RINOs in the caucus.

However, he also had a run-in with Metro while intoxicated at his brother-in-law’s house a year ago during a rough family situation.  The body-cam video of the incident is, admittedly, not pretty.

However, Erik regrets what happened, has owned up to it, apologized, and isn’t trying to trivialize it at all.  And if he wins this primary, he will DEFINITELY be battle tested going into the general election.

This race is a tough one to call.  I like all three candidates and will support whichever one moves on to the general election in November.

But the real battle in the Assembly right now for conservatives isn’t between Republicans and Democrats.  It’s between liberal Republicans and conservative Republicans in the GOP caucus.  Erick would definitely align with the conservatives, not the establishment.

So my recommendation in Assembly District 2 GOP primary is Erik Sexton.


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