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Fool-Hardy Legislation

As the state and national economies continue to go to hell in a hand basket, Assemblyman Joe Hardy (R-Boulder City) has decided that increased government regulation of manicurists is a more pressing priority.

Oops, I’m sorry. “Nail technologist.”

No, I’m serious. Hardy’s AB 202 was heard in the Commerce and Labor Committee on Wednesday and the most important part of the proposal is striking the word “manicurist” everywhere it’s found in Nevada Revised Statutes and replacing it with the term “nail technologist.”

Good grief.

But at least it does get worse.

If Hardy’s bill is approved, “nail technologists” who apply for a renewal of their “nail technology” license will be required to complete course work “relating to infection control, sign language, establishment management, or hair, skin or nail care.” In addition, they’ll be required to complete “at least 2 credits of course work from a university or community college in general health, biology, chemistry, English, foreign language, cardiopulmonary resuscitation or first-aid.”

To do someone’s nails.

Would somebody please explain to me why tax-happy, government-knows-best Joe Hardy is a Republican?


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