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I’m not sure – with the U.S. Senate still in session and lots of “Make America Great Again” stuff undone – why Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff “Never Trump” Flake was in Zimbabwe “observing” that country’s presidential election this week.  But it sure didn’t turn out the way he planned.

On Sunday Flake posted a tweet which included a vain photo of himself in a GQ-like pose in front of the setting sun that read…

“Sunset this evening in rural Zimbabwe. Tomorrow, election day, marks a new day for this beautiful country.”

On Tuesday, after the voting ended and the counting began, he tweeted…

“Counting ballots in a tent in rural Zimbabwe by kerosine and candlelight. Democracy doesn’t get any better than this.”

On Wednesday, as ballot-counting continued, he tweeted…

“We look forward to the results being announced and continued progress toward a democratic and prosperous future for Zimbabwe.”

This morning the Associated Press reported…

“Soldiers and police fired live rounds, water cannons and tear gas at furious protestors who threw rocks and burned vehicles Wednesday in Zimbabwe’s capital, dashing the optimism of an election that the country hoped would set it on a new course…”

It doesn’t get any better than that, huh?

Could someone please hand Sen. Flake a towel to wipe that egg off his face.


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