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First Things First

At least a half-dozen of the Republican candidates running for United States Senate from Nevada are engaging in national direct-mail fundraising, as well as email solicitations. And it’s become accepted practice for them to do so with claims along the lines of this one from one of those candidates which arrived in my mailbox on Saturday:

“I’m running for U.S. Senate against Senator Harry Reid…”


If I was to lose my mind, re-register as a Republican and decide to enter the U.S. Senate race as a tomorrow, I would NOT be running against Harry Reid. I’d be running against Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, Sharron Angle, John Chachas, Mark Amodei, a bevy of lesser GOP candidates and at least two wingnut gadflies.

The fact is, NONE of these people can run against Harry Reid unless or until they win the Republican Party nomination next June. THEN they can honestly say they’re running against Harry Reid.

In the meantime, will you people PLEASE stop telling us how bad Harry Reid is. We get it. We know it. We agree. That’s not the point. Or what your campaign SHOULD be about right now.

What we want to know is why YOU are the candidate with the best chance to beat Harry Reid in November if, and only if, you win the Republican nomination in June. Why should we choose you to be “the one” to take on Harry? What makes you so special? And perhaps more importantly, what makes your opponents so weak by comparison.

Inquiring Republican minds wanna know.


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