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First Friday’s Straw Poll Results

Here are the straw poll results from last night’s First Friday Happy Hour:

2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Gingrich, Newt – 24%
Christie, Chris – 13%
Palin, Sarah – 13%
Romney, Mitt – 11%
Huckabee, Mike – 8%
Pawlenty, Tim – 6%
Thune, John – 3%
Daniels, Mitch – 3%
Barbour, Haley – 2%
Cain, Herman – 2%
Johnson, Gary – 2%
Pataki, George – 2%
Paul, Ron – 0%
Others – 11%

2012 Nevada Senate Straw Poll

Heller, Dean – 36%
Lippold, Kirk – 22%
Krokicki, Brian – 14%
Tarkanian, Danny – 11%
Ensign, John – 8%
Angle, Sharron – 3%
Others – 6%

Apparently a lot of folks still haven’t forgotten that it was Gingrich who led Republicans out of the wilderness back in ’94 and think he might just be the guy to similarly lead the GOP back into the White House in 2012.

And it also seems a bit of Angle fatigue has set in, because I gotta tell ya…First Friday was “Angle Central” in the months leading up to the general election this year. But it appears even many die-hard Angle-ophiles are starting to recognize that in politics, winning really is everything.


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