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Final 2010 Primary Election Selections

Subject to any last-minute additions, which I’ll add to this entry as an “Update,” here are my final suggestions on most of the races appearing on a ballot near you tomorrow.

U.S. Senate: Sue Lowden
Governor: Mike Montandon
Lt. Governor: Brian Krolicki
Attorney General: Travis Barrick or Jacob Hafter
Controller: Barry Herr
CD 1: Craig Lake
CD 2: Dean Heller
CD 3: Joe Heck
State Senate Capital: James Settelmeyer
State Senate District 1: Tom Koziol
State Senate 2 – Washoe: Don Gustavson
State Senate 4 – Washoe: Todd Bailey
State Senate 5 – Clark: Michael Roberson
State Senate 9 – Clark: Elizabeth Halseth
State Senate 10 – Clark: Dallas Augustine
State Senate 7 – Clark: Tony Wright
State Senate 12 – Clark: Patrick McNaught
Assembly District 2: Annie Black or John Hambrick
Assembly District 3: Eric Morelli
Assembly District 5: Tim Williams
Assembly District 8: Jing Espiritu
Assembly District 13: Joshua Gust
Assembly District 16: Glenn Greener
Assembly District 18: Ken Walther
Assembly District 20: Cresent Hardy
Assembly District 21: Cherlyn Arrington
Assembly District 22: Scott Chappell or Calanit Atia
Assembly District 25: Pat Hickey
Assembly District 26: Robb Archie
Assembly District 27: Gabe Jurado
Assembly District 28: Tino Mendoza
Assembly District 31: Randi Thompson
Assembly District 32: Ira Hansen
Assembly District 33: Dale Andrus
Assembly District 38: Gary Gladwill
Assembly District 39: Jim Wheeler or Barbara Smallwood
Assembly District 40: Pete Livermore

Clark County Commission F: Mitchell Tracy
District Court Judge 28: Lucinda Coumou
District Court Judge 31: Marc Risman
University Regent District 3: Kevin Page
University Regent District 13: James Dean Leavitt
Clark County School District F: Barbara Altman or Ken Small (dual endorsement)
Clark County School District G: Kamau Bakari
Justice of the Peace 13: Suzan Baucum or Frank Coumou (dual endorsement)
Justice of the Peace 14: Bernie Zadrowski
Clark County Assessor: Nick Starling or Gerrit Hale
Clark County Clerk: Scott Austin
Family Court Judge Department F: William Gonzalez


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