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Fat Lady May Be Warming up on Anna Nicole Smith Lawsuit

Last month I wrote about the seemingly never ending saga over the estate of J. Howard Marshall II – the late husband of starlet Anna Nicole Smith. Last week, the 9th Circuit Court denied Smith’s lawyers the opportunity to waste any more of the 9th Circuit’s time on this case.

As with every step of the way in this case, there’s more. Smith’s lawyers now have 90 days to file an appeal to return the case to the Supreme Court. If the court were to accept their petition, it would mark the second time the highest court in the land has considered this absurdly frivolous suit.

Smith’s lawyers have never been able to escape the facts in this case though, and maybe they’ve finally reached the end of the road. Of course, with millions of dollars in contingency fees on the line, I doubt they’ll pass up the opportunity to waste more of the court’s time if given the chance.

Still, it’s possible that after 15 years, this case is finally about to get its much-deserved stake through the heart.


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