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Famous Last Words on the Halseth Scandal

“Great reporting (on the Elizabeth Halseth resignation). I pretty much feel the same way about ALL politicians. Virtually ALL are ‘dirty.’ Good job pouncing on the truth.” – SSC reader TigerLily Gonzalez

“Elizabeth Halseth is trying to victimize her husband. How many times have men gotten the shaft like this? As far as I’m concerned, for the most part, the offending spouse breaking things up should give up the kids. Good reporting Chuck. Thanks for not letting her get away with this.” – SSC reader Don N.

“Mr. Muth you certainly have a way with words!! Now I understand what was really going on. It never made sense, and although I knew about her phony education, I certainly never realized what a devious piece of work ex-Sen. Halseth was. I hope her husband finds the justice he deserves and gets the kids. Her attorney seems as devious as she is. Thank-you for steppin’ up to do this series of articles.” – SSC reader Nance A.

“Your article about (Elizabeth Halseth) was right on. I sincerely believe and hope our courts are not stupid and dismiss the trumped up charges against her husband and that he gets sole custody of the children which he certainly is entitled to based on her actions. She had a bright political future which she ruined by her actions.” – SSC reader Len B.

“Thank God for Chuck Muth standing up for the truth and having the courage to do so with so many selfish liars protecting a total hypocrite like ex-Senator Halseth. Men like Chuck Muth speaking the truth deserve and have earned the respect of Republicans and Democrats alike!” – SSC reader Michael R.

“I’m just trying to figure out why Muth has such a bug up his hooha about (Elizabeth) Halseth… (I)t has to be something personal. What it is, who can say. Maybe he just hates women. Maybe she wouldn’t donate money to that ‘Mt. Reagan’ scam of his. Maybe he made a pass, and she rebuffed him – you have to be suspicious of any guy who is that creepily obsessed with any woman’s personal life. But no matter what it is, remember this – Chuck Muth is the kind of guy who gets his rocks off of publicly abusing a young woman – and her children – going through what is clearly an incredibly difficult divorce. That alone makes him a piece of trash of a human being – and I’m being generous with both terms.” – Reno blogger-boob Orrin Johnson

EDITOR’S NOTE: First, Mr. Johnson is a horse’s ass. And obviously he either hasn’t read my full Elizabeth Halseth Story – which his buddy Jon Ralston yesterday called “relentless, gossipy crap” – or he only reads what he wants to read.

My problem with Halseth – and why I’ve written so extensively about it – isn’t just that she’s another example of a world-class “family values” hypocrite – like John Ensign. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she cheated on her husband. Or that she hurt the conservative cause, embarrassed her Republican colleagues, and put the possibility of the GOP gaining the majority in the state Senate this year in jeopardy.


It’s that she not only cheated on her dedicated stay-at-home “Mr. Mom” husband, but then schemed with her lover and mother to have him arrested on a trumped up “sex” charge just so she could use that arrest to take his children away from him and move them out-of-state; meaning he’d be lucky to see them once a year. And as the father of children roughly the same age as the Halseth children, that p*sses me off royally.

Daniel Halseth is a good father who doesn’t deserve the triple-shafting his soon-to-be ex-wife is trying to give him. And no way, no how am I going to sit quietly by and let such an outrageous injustice pass.

Bottom line: Daniel is the victim here; Elizabeth is the perpetrator. If she wants to run off to Alaska to be with Tiger, fine. Go. But drop the bogus charges against Daniel and leave the children here with him where they belong.

And if Orrin Johnson still can’t “figure out” why this matter has me so hot under the collar, he either isn’t a father…or is an even bigger horse’s ass than *I* thought. And that’s saying something.


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