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Faith Restored: Reasonable Voices Emerge in the Trump/DeSantis Chaos

(Chuck Muth) – So, Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice is preparing to indict former President Donald Trump over the now-infamous January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally.

Expect Trump’s poll numbers to go up again.  These people WANT Trump to be the nominee because they believe he’s the only candidate Biden can beat.

But that doesn’t make it right.  This weaponization of law enforcement by the looney left should be condemned by all Americans.  As Trump supporter John Mclain wrote to me this week…

“I honestly believe that what SHOULD be happening in the Republican Party is that each of those individuals within the GOP who has decided to make a Presidential run SHOULD be shouting from the rafters and using every available opportunity and platform to decry what is happening to DJT at the hands of the most corrupt, disastrous and lawless administration in the history of our Republic.”


But let’s get back to the unhinged Trump supporters who are dishing out bile for breakfast every morning against supporters of the other GOP presidential candidates.  One wrote me this morning

“Chuck, just to point out how flawed your thinking is on this one, DeSantis can’t beat Trump, so how in the hell can he beat Pedo Joe? Trump will win the primary and he will be President in 2024, with no help from you.”

The ignorance some of these people display is mind-boggling.  This woman apparently is unaware that in the Republican primary, only Republican voters get to vote – with exceptions in a few states that allow “open” primaries.

But in the general, Democrats and independents get to vote.

So, yeah, it’s possible for a Republican candidate to win the primary only to go on and lose in the general election – like Nevadans Jim Marchant (secretary of state) and Sigal Chattah (attorney general) did last year.


And for the record for the umpteenth time: I haven’t made up my mind who I’m going to vote for NEXT FEBRUARY.  I’m undecided but leaning towards DeSantis out of fear that Trump would lose to Biden again like he did in 2020 (cue “stolen election” outrage).

If Trump wants my primary/caucus vote, I need to believe he has the best chance to win the general.  In addition, I’ve stated over and over again – unequivocally – that I’ll be voting for whoever the GOP nominee turns out to be.

Now get a load of this email from another subscriber who is ticked off that I’m still an undecided voter in the Republican presidential primary…

“What they did to President Trump, our President, is basically the same as when the murdered JFK, they prevented him from running for re-election.  To assassinate President Trump would be too obvious so they have very cleverly devised a myriad of schemes, charges, etc. to get him out and now to keep him out of office. 

“When JFK’s brother Robert decided to run in 1968 for the Presidency, again they killed him to prevent him from regaining the Presidency and thereby avenging JFK, by exposing the truth about the sham Warren Commission investigation composed of Lyndon Johnson’s friends and allies.

“The assassination of JFK and the subsequent government cover up was a coup d’etat.  The American Republic died with the government sponsored murders of JFK and RFK.  Trump as President is the only hope we have to restore the Republic.”

Paranoia will destroy ya.  And these people get to vote, too.

However, my faith has been restored after getting a ton of sane, reasonable emails countering the Trump supporter hate mail.  For example, John Vettel, my friend and sometimes political adversary from my days living in Carson City wrote…

“We can disagree without being disagreeable!  I respect your viewpoint.”

That’s EXACTLY where we all should be rather than fanning the flames of a GOP civil war in this race.  Some others…

  • “HI Chuck — Lest you hear ONLY from the Trump nuts, I applaud your ‘Addition, not Subtraction’ message. The math supports your claim, as do I.”
  • “Chuck, sorry to hear people are bashing you, but your response was absolutely correct. Whoever gets the R nomination is going to need all the help they can get.  So, we should all be prepared to support whoever wins the nomination.”
  • “Good afternoon, Chuck. I am happy to see you are going to vote for whoever is at the top of the ticket in 2024. You have nailed it in your discussion again.”
  • “Chuck, keep them coming! I too am backing the GOP nominee.”
  • “As an old (88) man, I try to look past personalities and concentrate more or results. The MSM, establishment Democrats and RINOS are all terrified of both Trump and DeSantis. …Yeah, I wish Trump would calm down his rhetoric and name-calling…”
  • “I thoroughly agreed with your analysis of the GOP candidacies, and I must admit I am getting tired of everything being all about Trump.”
  • “Bravo Chuck! Like you I too am worn out on Trump and his puerile treatment of others.”
  • “A thousand AMENS!!! You are on target.  DeSantis has the same policies as President Trump, but none of the baggage. Glad you had the guts to say it.”

My faith has been restored.  Thank you to all who reached out, especially those who disagree with me without, as Mr. Vettel wrote, being disagreeable.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after the Republican National Convention next year.

On a closing note…

My friend and longtime political strategist Rich Galen points out that a presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate CAN come from the same state – such as Trump and DeSantis both living in Florida.

However, the Constitution says “they can’t get any electoral college votes from that state.”

Republicans can’t afford not to get Florida’s electoral college votes.  So that Trump/DeSantis ticket many folks hope could happen almost certainly won’t – unless Trump moves back to New York.

Ain’t gonna happen.


“With a near 40-POINT LEAD in the Republican primary, now is the time for Republicans EVERYWHERE to unite behind the frontrunner and the ONLY candidate who can beat Crooked Joe – your all-time favorite president, me.” – Donald Trump this week

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