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Excuse Factory Jellyfish

I almost forgot this item from Jon Ralston’s Flash e-newsletter last week.

In response to Gov. Brian Sandoval’s decision to break his tax promise on the “sunsets” for a SECOND time – and Sen. Michael Roberson’s flip-flop decision to support him – Ralston reports that GOP “caucus-endorsed candidates are being advised not to sign” the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that Sen. Roberson himself has signed.

But this quote from a “caucus insider” to Jon cracked me up: “If Muth hadn’t spent the better part of the last few months flaming tax-pledge signers (ex-Sen.Elizabeth) Halseth and (Sen. Barbara) Cegavske, Roberson might have given a s–t about Muth’s tax pledge… Not a single caucus-endorsed state senate candidate has signed or will sign the pledge…”

What a LAME excuse for being a squish.

First, my criticism of Halseth (major hypocrite on “family values”) and Cegavske (horribly unprepared for her interview on Ralston’s television program) had nothing whatsoever to do with tax hikes or the Tax Pledge.

Secondly, whether Sen. Roberson “gives a s- -t” about the Tax Pledge is irrelevant. What counts is whether or not the voters – not me – particularly in competitive GOP primaries, give a s- -t.

And lastly, along the same line as the second point, who are the “caucus-endorsed candidates” who are refusing to sign the Pledge hurting? Me? Puh-lease.

That’s like my 5-year-old telling me, “If you make me brush my teeth, I’m not going to the circus with you!”

Really? Fine. No skin off my nose.

“If you don’t stop criticizing Republicans, I won’t sign your Tax Pledge!”

Really? Fine. No skin off my nose.

Look, it’s not my fault that so many Republicans in the Legislature are wishy-washy sponges when it comes to serious tax-and-spending issues.

It’s not my fault they just don’t understand that no matter how much they compromise and cave in to the other side, it’ll never be enough.

It’s not my fault they don’t understand how to use tax hikes as a winning wedge issue in political races, as is done all over the rest of the country.

And it’s not my fault that they can’t get their “s- -t” together and do what every responsible parent knows you have to do – say “no” when saying “no” is the right thing to say.

Two final things:

(1) Democrats and independents don’t want their taxes raised any more than Republicans, so this could be a winning issue that transcends party if GOP elected leaders were smart enough and strong enough to run on it, and…

(2) There are real, doable alternatives to raising taxes if GOP elected leaders were smart enough and strong enough to embrace them.

In fact, had Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Roberson read the recently released Solutions 2013 report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute before capitulating and flip-flopping on the sunsets, we could have had lower taxes (as called for in the official Nevada Republican Party platform), as well as a leaner, more efficient government.

Alas, they caved in and sold out. Much easier to just jack up taxes than fight for tough government reforms.


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