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Establishment Republicans Plotting to Hang “Jew Who Saved Christmas” from a Crane

(Chuck Muth) – You might want to sit down and grab a coffee or Bloody Mary for this one.  Lots to unpack.

If I’ve said or written it once, I’ve said or written it a million times: Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.  And here we go again…

As you know, Resident Joe Biden and Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak are handing Republicans a golden opportunity in 2022.  Bad policies, bad judgment, bad management.  The potential for a sweeping “red wave” election has never been higher.

So naturally, establishment Republicans like Liz Cheney have their political rifles aimed squarely at their own feet.  They are hellbent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

To that end here in Nevada, they’re now setting their sights on Republican attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah, “The Jew Who Saved Christmas.”

You might want to pause here and pop one of your high blood pressure pills before reading on…

Chattah is a fire-breathing, Israeli-born Jewish lawyer who successfully sued to re-open the state’s churches ten days before Christmas during the Sisolak Shutdown in 2020.

Hurray!  Dreidels for everybody!

A couple weeks later she announced she was running against Democrat incumbent Attorney General A.Ron Ford, the state’s foremost racial arsonist who rarely misses an opportunity to whip out his American Oppress gold card.

Now here’s what you need to know about Sigal…

She ain’t no dainty “Barrister Barbie.”  As she said in a speech to the Nevada Republican Central Committee on Saturday, you don’t want a “nice” lawyer when the legal chips are on the table.  You want a “savage” fighting and clawing for you.

Like her.

She has neither the time nor patience for niceties.  She’s not a “my distinguished colleague from the other side of the aisle” kinda gal.  Ask her a direct question and you’re gonna get a direct answer.  And don’t be surprised if she drops a few f-bombs in the process.

In the courtroom, Sigal’s a model of professional decorum and holds her “potty mouth” tongue. But outside, she’s occasionally uncouth and profane.  She ain’t no June Cleaver (ask your grandma).

Everyone who knows her knows this and have known it for the past year that she’s been running, thus far unopposed, for the Republican nomination for attorney general.  If establishment Republicans wanted a more genteel and “proper” candidate for the seat, they’ve had plenty of time to find one.

And they’ve tried.  So far, without success.

Then last week happened.

A liberal Nevada blogger (no, not “Jonny Jihad” Ralston this time) – who somehow successfully infiltrated Nevada GOP grassroots operations during the COVID crisis and has since been attacking Republican women with a vengeance – has been leaking private text messages from Sigal in an effort to knee-cap the outspoken Republican AG candidate.

“It’s time for the GOP to find a suitable replacement,” he wrote back on January 18, “and let this be a campaign on ideas and ideals, not a cartoonish imitation of what Sigal Chattah believes the state’s top law enforcement officer can get away with.”

Now, you would think Republicans would be smarter than to take advice from a liberal blogger who hates Trump, hates Republican women and hates all things conservative.  But the GOP isn’t known as the “stupid party” for nothing.

So forces within the Nevada GOP establishment’s upper echelons are now plotting to give Sigal the ol’ “Leon Klinghoffer” treatment.

You remember Mr. Klinghoffer, don’t you?  He was the wheelchair-bound, 69-year-old Jewish-American retiree who was shot, killed and tossed overboard, wheelchair and all, by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship back in 1985.

Well, the political version of that is what the GOP establishment now wants to do to Sigal’s AG candidacy over the leaked text messages.  Which I’ll get to in a minute.  But first, another little history lesson…

When Republican grassroots voters get behind an outspoken and unapologetic conservative candidate who makes the establishment queasy, the establishment looks for ANY opportunity to throw the candidate overboard and replace them with “one of our own” they can control.

To do that, they look for ANYTHING they can use to claim the candidate is a “racist,” a “misogynist” or a “homophobe” – and argue the candidate must be replaced because they supposedly “can’t win” or will be a “distraction” for other GOP candidates on the ballot.  For example…

Remember back when conservative Republican U.S. Sen. George Allen – who was mulling a campaign for president – referred to a Democrat tracker/stalker as “Macaca”?

Accused falsely thereafter of being a “racist” for using the term, the GOP establishment went into full retreat mode; tucking their tails between their legs and running from Allen like scalded dogs.

Well, that’s exactly what they’re doing to Chattah now.  And here’s what it’s all about…

Hanging From a Crane

In one of the leaked text messages about donors attending a fundraising cocktail reception at a prominent Las Vegas restaurant, Sigal wrote…

“We gotta make sure people who want to stay for dinner (after the event) make reservations so Freddie (the restaurant owner) doesn’t hang me from a crane.”

For context, you need to understand what the phrase “hang from a crane” means to an Israeli-born Jew.  In short, it’s the American equivalent of saying someone should be “tarred-and-feathered” or “drawn and quartered.”

But here’s a fuller description, courtesy of The Sun (U.K.) …

“The chief method (of execution) used by Iran is hanging.  This is not done on a drop, where death comes quick after the neck is broken. Instead, construction cranes are used. The condemned person is hoisted up on a neck noose and essentially strangled in a slow and agonising way.”

And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Iran hates Jews.  And their leaders, as well as other Muslim terrorists, have made no secret about their desire to “wipe Israel off the map.”

As such, the phrase “hang from a crane” is common in the Middle East…and Sigal has used it regularly.  For example…

(WARNING: Profanity ahead; and I’ve cleaned up some of the grammar, punctuation and spelling.)

In response to a text from the liberal trans-Republican blogger referencing a television series about alleged pedophile actor Woody Allen, Sigal replied…

“I hate Woody Allen.  He needs to be hanging from a crane.”

In response to a text from someone calling AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and The Squad “Iranian agents” because of their opposition to renewed congressional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, Sigal replied…

“They should be hanging from cranes.”

In writing about the Las Vegas city council’s bone-headed efforts to block a developer from building residential housing on a defunct golf course he’d purchased, Sigal texted…

“They’re so f*cking stupid.  Frank Schreck (the lawyer/lobbyist leading opposition to the development project) thought he still ran things.  The city should hang him from a crane.”

In response to a CNN report that liberals had launched a “$7 million effort to elect Democratic secretaries of state and attorneys general,” Sigal texted…

“If we do’t parlay this into a fundraiser – we should be hanging from cranes.”

In response to a FOX 5 report on allegations that a Clark County substitute teacher had “taped children’s’ face masks to their faces in a fourth-grade classroom,” Sigal texted…

“I saw this.  She (the substitute) needs to be hanging from a crane.”

On rumors that Gov. Sisolak might end his mask mandate before one of her lawsuits challenging it was heard by the court, Sigal texted…

“This fat bastard Sisolak might cancel the school mask mandate before our court hearing.  Rumors that he might end it this weekend.  I’m gonna hang him from an Ahern crane.”

On efforts by teacher’s union president John Vellerdita to keep schools closed and students out of classrooms, Sigal texted…

“If I was the current AG, he’d be hanging from a crane on Las Vegas Blvd.”

About establishment Republicans blowing their challenge to Democrat Ross Miller’s tainted 2020 Clark County Commission win, Sigal texted…

“These RINOs should be hanging from Ahern cranes.”

Heck, she even jokingly texted the trans-Republican himself that “I’m gonna hang you from a crane.”  To which the trans-Republican replied, “Hahahaha.”

So it’s a common phrase used commonly by Sigal that has NEVER been an actual threat any more than if I wrote that clown blogger Rob Lauer should be “tarred and feathered” or “drawn and quartered.”

But here’s the crane-hanging text message that’s caused the GOP establishment to get the vapors, clutch their pearls and reach for the smelling salts…

In a text exchange about Attorney General Ford’s opposition to a school voucher program and “converting schools in low-income areas to charter schools,” Sigal wrote…

“This guy should be hanging from a f*cking crane.  He doesn’t give a f*ck about advancing opportunities in underserved communities.  He’s a bigger piece of sh*t than I imagined.  It’s so shameful.”

So to be, as Richard Nixon would say, perfectly clear, Sigal was fighting for the ability of minority parents to send their kids to better schools while Ford was standing in the doorway, not letting those minority kids out.


Since Ford is black – sorry, Black – the anti-Republican race-hustlers and race-baiters have indignantly whipped out their American Oppress cards and are bellowing that Sigal’s a “racist,” claiming she wanted to “lynch” a black man.

Oh, puh-lease.

Naturally, the pampered, powdered princelings in the GOP’s ivory-tower castle are preparing to throw “The Jew Who Saved Christmas” overboard.

As Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons would put it, these panicked “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” are now in full retreat mode, pots and pans clanging from the back of the chuck wagon as they beat feet back to the fort.


Sigal Chattah is brash.  She’s a ball-buster.  Raw, not refined.  Often profane.  Sometimes vulgar.

But she ain’t no freaking racist.

In fact, if she was truly a racist, she’d have treated Ford DIFFERENTLY simply because of his race instead of treating him with the equal disdain she’s shown to everyone else who’s incurred her wrath.

If anything, she’s an equal opportunity crane hanger.  And she sure as hell ain’t quitting or running to hide behind mommy’s skirt over this little kerfuffle.

In conclusion and for the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a paid consultant or advisor to Sigal’s campaign.

But if the Republican establishment tries to “pull a Klinghoffer” by fielding a last-minute GOP primary challenge against her over this, I’ll be first in line to enlist in the CDF – Chattah Defense Force.

And I won’t be alone.

Sigal’s been on the front lines of the battlefield fighting on our behalf against the tyrant Sisolak for two years now.  She’s been a bare-knuckled street fighter in defense of Nevadans’ constitutional rights; especially the rights of minority families to send their children to better schools.

She’s been on the dusty, dirty campaign trail for over a year.  Raising money.  Speaking to voters at events.  Recruiting volunteers.  Hammering away at authoritarians Biden, Sisolak, Ford and other Bolsheviks on the Dark Side.

She’s EARNED our support.

But now we’re supposed to lie down and let some “white knight” ride in and “save” us because some trans-Republican blogger and scaredy-cat establishment Republicans with yellow streaks down their backs are burping up a demonstrably false accusation of “racism.”

I don’t think so.

If establishment Republicans wanna take Sigal out in the primary, they better not bring a knife to a gun fight.  Because it’s going to be an eye-gouging, arm-biting, groin-kicking, royal rumble smackdown in the mud and the blood and the beer.

And any Republican who joins an effort to “Klinghoffer” Sigal should be hung from a crane.

The Rob Lauer Report

I’m not saying Las Vegas blogger Rob Lauer is dumb as a turnip, but he purchased an AM radio so he could listen to political talk shows.

It took him two weeks to figure out he could play it at night.


“Republicans are constantly fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back. … After this (speech), we’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them, because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong. … We fight. We fight like hell.” – President Donald Trump at the “Stop the Steal” rally, 1/6/21

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