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Ensign’s Scandal Dogs Him on Fundraising Trail

Now how pathetic is this? In the first three months of 2010, sitting U.S. Sen. John Ensign raised a grand total of…$50.

That’s right, fifty bucks. Not fifty thousand. Five-oh. It came from one donor, a Las Vegas retiree named Robert Donald, who made two $25 donations. And according to the TPM Muckraker today, Mr. Donald doesn’t see “any problems” with the Ensign scandals, adding, “all men are dogs, the way I look at it.


And although Ensign the Dog only raised fifty bucks last quarter, according to Jon Ralston on Face to Face last night, the supposedly fiscal conservative senator blew $40,000 in expenditures, including several pricey meals at fancy DC restaurants. In John Ensign’s world, nothing has changed. For now.


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