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Ensign Given Green Light to Sleep with Employees, Other Tawdry Actions

Soooooo, according to the United States Department of Justice it’s OK to sleep with an employee who is your wife’s best friend and is married to another employee who is your best friend….then fire both of them….get Mommy & Daddy to pay the ex-employees severance pay while swearing it’s just a “gift”…and then try helping the former employee whose wife you slept with get some lucrative lobbying jobs in violation of federal “cooling off” laws which prohibit such lobbying shenanigans.

In other words, Nevada Sen. John Ensign has done nothing wrong.

Does this take Rep. Dean Heller out of the mix as far as potential primary challengers to Ensign in 2012? And if so, does that mean Sharron Angle will get another crack at losing another U.S. Senate race? Will Danny Tarkanian also run? How about Mark Amodei? And John Chachas? And Chad Christensen?

Indeed, although Sue Lowden has already said she would not challenge Ensign in a primary, all of the other GOP candidates from this year’s primary race could jump back in again next time around. It’d be like a reunion tour. They should sell t-shirts.


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