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Ensign Draws First Primary Challenger?

Kirk Lippold, Carson City resident and former commander of the USS Cole when it was attacked by terrorists several years ago – announced his 2012 primary candidacy against Republican U.S. Sen. John Ensign yesterday. Well…not exactly in those words. In was in the form of a written statement issued shortly after the Department of (In)Justice cleared Sen. John Ensign of any wrongdoing in the Doug Hampton affair.

And by that, I don’t mean Ensign had an affair affair with Doug. He had the affair affair with Doug’s wife. Had Ensign had an affair with Doug we’d be talking a whole ‘nuther matter altogether. In any event, here’s Cmdr. Lippold’s statement:

“If (Sen. John Ensign) has been cleared by the Department of Justice of legal wrongdoing, it does not excuse his behavior. I still believe his actions are beneath acceptable standards for someone serving in the United States Senate. Nevadans deserve leaders who have strong ethics and focus on serving the citizens, not their own personal interests. In these difficult times, we need principled, solid leadership the people of Nevada can trust. John Ensign has violated that trust.”

If that’s not a statement of candidacy, I don’t know what is. And FYI, is displayed as “Under Construction.” I wonder what they’re building?


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