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Edwards on hot seat as Fiore airs it out


I spoke at the Virgin Valley Tea Party meeting last night.  Gave the group a run-down of the musical chairs chaos that has dominated the Republican Assembly Caucus since the November election.

Also filled them in on the behavior and actions of their hometown Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards and how he’s been “playing” both sides in the power struggle and how he’s made himself one of the least-trusted members of the caucus because of it.

At the end of the meeting, the group took a vote on whether or not to consider pursuing a recall effort.  I only counted one or two hands raised in opposition to the motion.

As such, the group intends to invite Mr. Edwards to meet with them and ‘splain hisself, as well as give assurances as it relates to voting for higher taxes, including an extension of the “sunsets,” in whole or in part.


Assembly Majority Leader-in-Exile Michele Fiore went back on Alan Stock’s radio show on KDWN 720 AM this morning WITH HER ACCOUNTANT who confirmed that…

(a) tax liens from back before 2006 are and have been in dispute with the IRS, that…

(b) Fiore was in fact a victim of embezzlement by a former employee, who pocketed the payroll taxes that should have gone to the IRS, that…

(c) a police report on the embezzlement has been filed and they are prosecuting, that…

(d) Fiore owes $204,000 to the IRS, not $1.3 million as has been misreported by some irresponsible liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show, and that…

(e) she has a signed repayment agreement with the IRS and has actually been paying more than what she is required to pay each month.

With the truth out and that now cleared up, Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick should do the right thing and put Fiore back in charge as Chairman of the Assembly Taxation Committee.


There he goes again!

Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show, “Jonny Boy” Ralston, was twit-tweeting during the second half of Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s interview on the Alan Stock show this morning in typical jack-arse fashion, including this snotty grammar correction…

“’You can’t legislate ethics or morale,’ @VogeFiore declares. She means ‘morality’ but the statement is nonetheless hilarious.”

Well, first the statement is exactly accurate.

But secondly, while Fiore may have committed a meaningless slip of the tongue – and everyone knew exactly what she meant – at least she knows it’s spelled “Vote” not “Voge.”

People in glass houses, Jonny Boy.  People in glass houses.


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