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Easter Sunday Civil Disobedience in Defense of Religious Liberty

(Chuck Muth) – First…HAPPY EASTER!

Secondly, I received this last night from Nancy Jones of Nevada Families for Freedom…

Governor Sisolak has instituted a ban on drive-up worship services being planned for this Easter Sunday. This is a clear demonstration of government overreach of our First Amendment rights!

Drive-up church worship services pose less of a threat to the public than picking up food at a drive through or shopping in a store during this time of social distancing for the Covid-19 situation by the logic of those mandating these quarantine rules.

We believe it is time to take a stand against this tyranny with a caravan protest, from the comfort and safety of our own cars!

How to participate: Decorate your cars with religious messages, messages about freedom, messaging against Sisolak and his overreach on our liberties.

Meet at 2pm near the Gardnerville Wal-mart Parking lot for a protest caravan around the Carson Valley and Carson City areas.

Meet at 2pm near the 2nd Street Walmart Parking Lot for a protest caravan through Reno with the option to meet the Carson Valley caravan at the capitol building by 3pm.

Meet at 2pm at McDonalds
7310 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89123 and caravan across strip to the Fremont Street.

Please do not get out of your cars or violate social distancing protocols. Abide by all traffic laws. Don’t block your window with a sign. We are law-abiding citizens standing up for our religious liberties as guaranteed by the constitution.

What a great day for a Sunday drive and a little responsible, safe civil disobedience.  Kids, grab your masks and load up the van!

Drive-By Muthings

* Interesting to note that Gov. Steve Sisolak’s prohibition on gatherings of 10 or more, even in your own private home, would have banned Jesus and the 12 Apostles from getting together for the Last Supper.

* Just to be clear: When it comes to paring back the size and cost of government in response to the economic devastation being wrought by the #SisolakShutdown, Nevada state and local officials should be shedding completely non-essential employees rather than implementing across the board salary reductions – though clearly, some bloated salaries of some workers clearly are overdue for a much-deserved haircut.


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