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Drive-By Muthings: September 27, 2012

* Pop quiz: What well-known conservative said the following this week? “For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay?” Answer at the bottom.

* Just got my 2011 tax return finished by my accountant this morning…and, dammit, I’m not one of the 47%!

* According to writer Darren Rovell, “The average NFL game official last season made $8,764 a game.” For roughly three hours of work, one day a week for roughly four months out of the year. That comes to more than $140,000 a year for 16 days of work. Yeah, I feel really bad for them. And look forward to an error-free game tonight now that they’re back on the job.

* By the way, a Democrat state senator in New Jersey “is proposing a ban on using replacement referees in professional sports.” Yes, that’s the most pressing issue in New Jersey these days, right?

* Attention Nevada Republicans: Want to boost GOP voter registrations? Well, um, here’s an idea.

* The Retail Association of Nevada released new polling data today showing, among other things, that Nevadans support education reform but do not support organized labor’s proposed “margins tax” on businesses. Click here for full details.

* Pop quiz answer: Actually, it was a trick question. It wasn’t a conservative who said “we have a black Muslim in the White House.” It was aging pop diva Madonna, a card-carrying limousine liberal.

So, um, where’s the outrage? You know; the outrage the media would have spewed if it HAD been a conservative who said that. (Hat tip Rich Galen)


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