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Drive-By Muthings: September 22, 2012

Item 1: Headline of the Week: “Pakistan’s Planned ‘Day of Love’ Ends in Rash of Violence.” Anyone else shocked?

Item 2: A new leading candidate for this year’s Darwin Awards: Some yutz jumped from a monorail train at the Bronx Zoo in New York Friday and landed inside the tiger exhibit where he, not surprisingly, was mauled by a tiger. Amazingly all the guy suffered was a broken ankle, a broken arm and some puncture wounds on his back.

There is no truth to the rumor the guy was wearing a “Forward: Obama 2012” t-shirt at the time.

Item 3: Speaking of Obama, here’s a great 60-second spot warning about the dangers of taking “Obamacin” that, unfortunately, probably won’t ever make it on the air. Oh, how I wish I had the money to make it otherwise! Click here

Item 4: From all the huffing and puffing we get from some quarters of the Ron Paul camp, you’d think they were rugged individualists who can think for themselves and ain’t about to let the GOP “establishment” tell them what to do. So I couldn’t help but shake my head at the irony of this note I received from one Nevada Paul supporter on Friday:

“As a Ron Paul supporter, I think that I will wait until Ron Paul supports Romney, then I will do the same. If Paul does not publicly support Romney, then I will write in Paul’s name for President.”

So much for thinking for yourself and not taking orders from above.

Item 5: Mitt Romney paid almost $2 MILLION in federal taxes last year and some have the chutzpah to claim he isn’t paying his fair share…especially when compared to the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income tax?!!

Item 6: Received a mailer from the Washoe County Republican Party attacking Democrat U.S. senate candidate Shelley Berkley in the mail yesterday. It stunk. Gave Berkley the “Lie of the Year” award. Oooo, how original. Typical inside-the-beltway cookie-cutter political pabulum. Lame-eroni.

Do people actually get paid for designing crap like this?

Item 7: Meanwhile, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports that an arbitrator has ruled that “Washoe County must give the 414 members of the Washoe County Deputies Association and its supervisory group a 3.1 percent pay.” (h/t Bryan Warner)

Seriously…why are unelected arbitrators making these kinds of decisions instead of elected officials? It’s way past time to get rid of collective bargaining for government workers!

Item 8: I was reading a story yesterday about why so many people, to this day, continue to love Ronald Reagan. And it struck me: Ronald Reagan didn’t speak English. He spoke American. Conservatives understand the distinction. Liberals never did. And never will.

On the other hand, Barack Obama often appears to be speaking fluent Dirka-Dirka, the official language of the Film Actors Guild. (If you have to Google it, enter “Team America” in the search engine)

Item 9: From the No Deed Goes Unpunished Department, the owner of a café in Philadelphia took matters into his own hands and cleaned up a vacant lot next to his restaurant, spending some $20,000 of his own money to haul off some 40 tons of trash that had built up over 30 years. He also added “planters, tables and landscaping” to the lot, which his customers now enjoy.

You’d think that’d be a good thing. But city officials are spitting nails; furious that the restaurateur did work on the city-owned lot without a permit and is now “using taxpayer-owned property to benefit his business.”



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