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Drive-By Muthings: September 20, 2012

Item 1: Here are details on Mitt Romney’s Las Vegas rally at the Cox Pavillion in Green Valley on Friday, courtesy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Doors for the rally are scheduled to open at 11:30 a.m. for the 1:30 p.m. event inside the arena, which can hold 3,000 people. Romney aides said people may RSVP at to get free tickets and may call the Team Nevada office at 702-900-2079 with any questions.”

Item 2: Nevada Republican National Committeeman and longtime Ron Paul supporter James Smack has a message for fellow Paul supporters: Get with the program.

In an “open letter,” Smack essentially explains that while Mitt Romney might not be many Paul supporters’ first choice, he’s now the only choice. You can read Committeeman Smack’s letter by clicking here

Item 3: So a government audit discovered that 27 DEAD PEOPLE charged over $6,000 worth of sales to government-issued debit cards which have replaced the old-fashioned “food stamps” (don’t want to hurt anyone’s self-esteem, do we?).

And in a Las Vegas Review-Journal story this morning, Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton (D-Culinary Union) called the fraud “a small problem.” After all, it’s not “real” money, right? It’s just tax dollars!

Item 4: By the way, did you know that “six million American families will be forced to pay the Obamacare individual mandate non-compliance penalty tax” and all “140 million American households will be forced to complete and submit compliance forms to the IRS.” Read it and weep.

Item 5: Here’s a depressing report today from Politico: “Democratic candidates in some of the most critical Senate races in the country are surging, putting the party in its best position of the election cycle to keep its majority in November. … Fresh polling in marquee contests shows a distinct trend line in the Democrats’ favor, making the GOP’s narrow path to a Senate majority significantly more difficult with less than two months until the election.”

Item 6: Nevada Energy Forum is hosting a family-friendly “Hoedown” – complete with prizes and giveaways for the kids! – featuring Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki on Saturday, September 22 from 10:30 am to 2 pm at the RoadRunner Saloon located at 9820 W. Flamingo in Las Vegas. For more information or to RSVP, contact McKenzie at (702) 492-4939 or via email at


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