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Drive-By Muthings: September 19, 2012

Item 1: In Britain, where cops notoriously aren’t allowed to carry guns, a gunman wanted on murder charges gunned down two unarmed police officers on Tuesday. Two more victims of the victim disarmament movement.

Item 2: Once again, class: The president of the United States is elected by Electoral Votes, not a national popular vote. So national polls showing Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally are virtually MEANINGLESS.

For better or worse, the only thing that matters is what happens in the dozen “swing” states…of which Nevada is one…er, one of which is Nevada. Well, you get the idea.

Item 3: Morning Score reports today that “The College Republican National Committee is launching an educational initiative today that they’re calling ‘Oomph!’ (out of my parents’ house) to draw attention to three in 10 college graduates moving back in with their folks after getting a degree.”

Um, isn’t that why Al Gore invented locks?

Oh, and you’ll enjoy this brief YouTube video of parents explaining to their grade-schooler that she didn’t build her class project. Priceless. Click here

Item 4: Mitt Romney is scheduled to be in Nevada on Friday for a public rally and private fundraising event. Yet the headline for the story by the Las Vegas Review-Journal reads: “Romney to speak Friday at private fundraiser in Las Vegas.”

Um, what about the public rally, Mr. Headline Writer? Why focus on the private event to the complete exclusion of the public event?

Remember, it’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you.

Item 5: I was a guest on Sam Shad’s Nevada Newsmakers program yesterday and the point was made by fellow guest/Democrat consultant Helen Foley that Mitt Romney doesn’t understand/relate to what regular folks are going through.

My response – and we can only hope this is how the majority of voters in swing states are thinking when they cast their ballots – is that we don’t need a president who feels our economic pain, but one who can relieve it. In that case, it’s Romney by a country mile!

Item 6: While pumping gas (at almost $4 bucks a gallon again!) yesterday, a young man approached with an offer to give me a free estimate on my car insurance.

Frankly, I’m very happy thus far with the Gecko Guys, so I declined. But I couldn’t help but be impressed with the young man’s initiative and out-of-the-box thinking. He’s not sitting back whining and waiting for government to “do something.” He’s out there hustling and trying to make his life better himself.

In other words, a Romney supporter.

Item 7: Apparently Hispanic Heritage Month began this week. Which is a little over four months before the annual Black History Month. Which once again causes me to wonder: Why do the Irish only get one day, and the Anglo-Saxons none? Discrimination!!

Item 8: At a Nevada state senate candidate forum this week, GOP Assemblyman Pete “Tax My Meat” Goicoechea reportedly claimed that his vote for last year’s re-imposition of $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes “cut taxes for 115,000 small businesses and shrunk Nevada’s budget by $500 million.”

But that simply isn’t true.

Those 115,000 small businesses already were NOT paying the taxes Goicoechea claims he “cut,” and they wouldn’t have been raised no matter what because Gov. BrianSandoval had already resolved that issue MONTHS before Goicoechea’s tax-hike vote.

And as for “shrinking” the budget by $500 million, all that was was Obama’s one-time “stimulus” money that went away.

When politicians such as Tax My Meat Pete stop telling lies about their record, I’ll stop telling the truth about it.

Item 9: Hat tip to Victor Joecks of NPRI for picking up on this latest outrage from the Clark County School District…

Public school defenders/apologists never cease whining about not having enough money for books and teachers. But apparently the district DOES have enough money to hire a new Director for the Equity and Diversity Education Department. Click here

As long as taxpayers continue funding this stupid, divisive, unnecessary, wasteful “Equity and Diversity Department,” not one dime more should even be considered going to public schools in Clark County. Not one!


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